Microsoft Hearts

i know that there’s a cheat code in the game hearts where you can see the other players cards, but i don’t know what it is. if anyone could tell me i’d be happy. also, has anyone else noticed that the computer cheats? i always get the queen of spades in my hand, and if i don’t, i win the hand that has the queen of spades in it and get 13 points! ARGH! i win this game at most 5% of the time! all rightie i’m sounding like a real loser now. help, anyone?

By Legba! I must have missed Cecil’s column about cheating on Windows accessories. Do you have a link to a copy of that column in the Archives?

If this isn’t a Cecil’s column, you might want to post it on General Questions.

Dont’ want to criticize your playing skill too much, but every copy of Hearts I’ve ever played (and I’ve played a lot: temp work in various locations) has given me the QS ~25% of the time. What’s more, I find it ridiculously easy to win. In fact, my goal is to win with a score of zero. Try playing Hearts in one of the many gaming communities (I’m on Yahoo). If you succeed there, then you should worry about Microsoft’s proramming skills.

well, okay, so maybe i’m not the greatest hearts player ever! but still, if anyone has those codes, let me know!

Here’s how to do it:

Close Hearts, then open up Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE, in the Windows folder), and go to this folder…


Then make a new string (not binary) value with these settings…

Name - zb
Value - 42

Exit out of Registry Editor, then start a game of Hearts.

To see the others cards, press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F12 at the same time, and now you will see what everyone has in their hand.

Let me know if this code works for you, okay?

oops, sorry! yes, the code did work. someone told me you didn’t need the string code, but i did 'cause my computer didn’t previously have it. ANYWAY thanks a lot louie. you’re a pal. =)

The programer just have liked the Hichhickers Guide :slight_smile:

I’m always here to help.