Mike... from Canmore is no more

John Morgan died Monday at 74. This veteran comic most remembered for his role of Mike from Canmore (to see a clip, go here, third from the top ) was also one of the writer for one of the CBC’s most succesful comedy, King of Kensington. He retired from the Royal Canadian Air Farce in 2001.

I got to watch him live when I did an intership at the CBC back in 96. He was a funny, quiet guy who came on and did his job like a proffesional.

The one thing I liked about the group as a whole was how well they worked with the entire crew. They knew everyone’s names and sought input on pre taped gags that didn’t seem to be working. None of that premadonna nonsense.

I was a HUGE fan of Royal Canadian Air Farce (one of the benefits of living close to Canada). I noticed that, when Morgan retired, Air Farce was no longer funny. In addition to his performance, his writing clearly carried the troup. A pity, because I still love watching Roger Abbot’s John Cretien or Don Fergussen’s Confused Philosopher. They just aren’t as well written as before.

My favorite Morgan characters: Jock McBile, the Patriarch (“Abraham dot Com looked out over the Bay of Ezekiel, also called E-Bay…”), and, yes, Mike from Canmore.

How sad. He’ll be missed.