(Mildest rant this week) I'm sick of Windows apps demanding IMMEDIATE attention.

OK this has become a total menace. Every application I use, it seems, has the power to switch all computing activity to itself at any moment, usually to tell me something I already knew.

Example: my DSL connection goes down momentarily, as it so often does. Not knowing this yet, I launch Outlook Express (which checks my Hotmail) and notice the messages aren’t coming in readily. I don’t know if this is the DSL or Hotmail itself, so I launch IE to see if bbc.com comes in. After a brief wait it does, so I switch to SDMB and eagerly await to see the new threads.

Just as SDMB is loading my machine switches me over to OE to read an important message “the server cannot be found.” Well, guess what, I don’t care at that point, because in the meantime IE found me a server I wanted to be served from. I’m perfectly happy to continue in IE and deal with OE later. But no, the application actually switches to OE because an Alert came up (server not found) that OE, in its infinite wisdom, decided was more important for me to address than whatever else I was doing at that moment.

Or maybe it’s the Windows operating system making this decision, not OE as such. I don’t care. I hate it. How is this multitasking, when I’m not in control moment-to-moment over what application I’m in? Screw that.

(I said it would be mild.)

Nahh. My ‘hibernate’ rant is FAR milder than this!
That said, I agree with you. It’s annoying when windows bugs me to attend to something I don’t need to.

I checked, and you’re right. Sorry about that.

Try this:

If you don’t have it, download Microsoft’s TweakUI (found using Google)
Start > Settings > Control Panel > TweakUI
“General” tab
“Prevent applications from stealing focus” checkbox

Now stuff should whine in the background.

Would that stop that ARSE of an ‘ad-serve’ popup from interrupting me every time I am typing a URL or typing something into an input box?
it’s the one sodding thing that has alluded adaware and spybot.

You know what my favourite one is?

Windows Media Player.

So, you’re in full-screen mode, and have been watching an mpeg movie for the last hour, huh? Well, sheeit, bro! I just realized that A NEW VERSION OF WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER IS AVAILABLE!.

Stop everything! Let’s just force you out of full-screen mode, and slap a prompt box over the show to ask you if you want to download that motherfucker RIGHT NOW! Yeah! Let’s take an intermission and do just that! That would be so cool! Because, then you’d be watching your movie with the latest version of Windows Media Player! I’m so glad we didn’t watch the whole movie without realizing that we could be watching it with THE NEW VERSION OF WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER! That would have been tragic!

Yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve been plagued by that one, because I tracked down less profoundly-stupid video players ages ago. But I’ll tell ya, back when that was a real issue, I was in the habit of dubbing movies and stuff off my computer onto VHS to take to friends, instead of burning VCDs for them, so I often wouldn’t notice that it had happened until the movie was over and I thought the job was finished, until I’d realize that I’d have to start over from the beginning again. Know what? That sucked.

That? Totally rocks. I love it already. Thank you.

I find this to be more than a little annoying. I’m not thinking of when there’s an alert, but in the most more common situation that I am waiting for another page to upload because the server is a little slow and when it does I am torn away from what I was doing. Why oh why does Windows think it knows which webpage I want to be reading?

Another vote for annoying me-me-me-must-look-at-me NOW.


Which intellectual giant decided that the pop-up alerting you to an incoming or outbound connection should have buttons that you don’t have to click on?!?!?

I have lost count of the number of times that I am typing an email/document/reply to SDMB only to have a box appear ever so briefly out of the corner of my eye (for I am a stare at the keyboard type of typist) a box appear and disappear as typing in full flow I have either hit space, ‘n’ or ‘y’.

No I have no idea of what wanted to make/receive a connection and whether I said Yes or No to it. :mad:

Doubly friggin’ irritating if its a service that wants to make/receive a connection as should you have the Ninja-lightning-like reactions neccesary to notice the name of the app/service making the request as you then have to stop/restart the service as Zonealarm only lists programs in the control panel.