Milwaukee Mayoral Race

Career politician Tom Barrett is the single worst mayor this city has ever had. He has shown zero leadership on every issue confronting him.

His answer to Milwaukees out of control crime rate is to blame concealed carry license holders rather than the felons (who can’t even legally possess firearms) who are committing the crimes. His sock puppet police chief parrots everything Barrett says, but does nothing but tie the hands of his cops when it comes to actually combating violent crime.

Barretts answer to a shrinking economy and an education crises is to build a stupid train in an area already well served by buses.

Even extreme liberals have lampooned his failures.

Tom Barrett has been feeding at the public trough for decades and has few success to show for it. Time for him to go.

I have been campaigning for Bob Donavan. I hope any dopers living in this city join me in making real, positive change in the politics of Milwaukee.

Well, if anyone cares, we got past one hurdle.

Barrett got less than 50%, which means the majority voted for someone other than the incumbent. This is a significant factor. Now we need to get those votes that were for Davis and Methu in the primary and send Barrett packing in April!