Mini anti-rants

For all the tiny little good things in your life.

I’m loving the new keyboard at work. It works so well!

I have a new yukata coming. It’s pink with yabane and sakura (arrow patterns and cherry blossoms, for all you normal people). There’s a couple more I’m thinking of getting off an eBay store, too, but they’re more expensive.

My mother and I went to the RG Canning Swap Meet in Ventura yesterday. I got some cool stuff:

  • a type drawer. I’ve been wanting one, but they’re usually full of cobwebs and falling apart. This one is in perfect shape. I’m going to fill it with type and hang it in my office. ($15, marked $24)
  • a framed program for Man of La Mancha. I tore the front a little getting it out, but it still looks good. ($4.25, marked $8.50 - everything was half off)
  • A cool white (mother of pearl?) pin of a Japanese pheasant. I’m going to use it for kimono (naturally)
  • my sister’s birthday present - a cool rosary. ($20 for this and the pin)
  • a cool metal cart from the 50s or so. It’s got an outlet and cord, but I’m not planning on using them. My mom actually found it. I’m going to put the microwave on it so I can reclaim that counter space. My sister is going to be jealous - it’s her yellow. I’m going to paint it, probably blue. ($35)

Rick is taking me out to eat this Saturday. My mom insists that you’re not allowed to socialize with a married person of the opposite sex unless you include the spouse. Well, his wife can come if she wants, but I don’t see the problem in any case. Glancing at my calendar I notice that, huh, that’ll actually be the anniversary of Ted Wolf’s death. (He created Thundercats). Too bad I don’t have a Thundercats t-shirt any more. I think all my pins fell apart too.

My new dentist rocks. He is open on Saturdays. He is cheap – and I mean cheap – for 3 fillings, even out of network, it only cost me $100 ($50 of that was my deductible). He’s fast – 30 minutes for 3 fillings and he did a great job. Oh, yeh, and he and his staff are very nice.

I finished my July 4th dress, it’s cute. Jumper style dress in navy blue with white stars and a simple collar-less shirt in red and white stripes. I just need some cute sandles or flip-flops to go with it, maybe in gold, that’d be cute. Helping my daughter make her dress – she’s doing a pretty good job so far. It’s her first project on her own.

My sister’s dog loves me and follows me everywhere.

Sci-Fi’s actually showing decent horror movies.

I’ve gone down almost a full pantsize.

My inherent conviction I would die a fat, unloved virgin is only one third true ( even the third one is getting better–see above)

  1. Opiates.
  2. If you find one, let me know. :frowning:

Fuck! Can’t edit the previous post now. It’s just as well, though, seeing as it’s the truth.

I’m drunk (among other things) for the first time in nine months. I would have gotten laid tonight if I had a condom and…

Look, right now there are like two or three windows that I’m typing in and…d


I’m gonna shut up now and go to sleep.

ETA: I’m having a momentary moment of lucidity; right now I SO wish that I could delete this and the previous post!

My fifth-grader is returning today from a five-day trip to Washington DC. My pet, my precious baby! :smiley:

No, seriously, I can control myself. breathe breathe breathe

I either have a great surgeon or I got on top of the pain pills and haven’t looked back, because except for a bit of a twinge or some achy feelings, I feel fine.

We’ll know on Thursday…I’ll have used up my pain pills Wed night.

I had a wicked migraine this morning and gave myself an Imitrex injection. It worked pretty well, so now I am back at work and able to keep down my lunch.

So far.

After a very cold and wet spring, my tomato plants finally have little blossoms on them. I hope for a harvest. Hooray for fresh tomatoes!

I’m having lunch with a friend today at a local Indian restaurant with a kick-ass lunch buffet.

My friend just got back from Europe, and has presents for me :slight_smile:

I’m on summer semester, so the amount of work I have to do every day amounts to less than two hours.

My new cat and my old dog are getting along very well.

I am going to sit on my balcony this afternoon and read about Buddhism.

I cleared the day, which is the 10th anniversary of my father’s death, and have lit a yahrzeit and now am just sitting quietly at home, having pleasant memories of him.

Got my New EEE PC today.
I slept in a bit. Eventually got up, switched on my big PC to check the delivery tracking. Almost within seconds of opening up the tracking page there was a knock at the door - as if they knew.

My new PC Albus is running smoothly, and I’m finally on the verge of getting back to getting things accomplished in my office at home.

Silver Tyger Girl, they have Thundercats t-shirts at Target here. Have you checked?

In 1 year my BMI has gone down exactly 8 points and I have gone down a size in all of my clothes.

I rarely actually walk through the clothing sections, but I need to return something. I’ll check. Are they just logo shirts or do they have the characters?

Litoris - Who is the dentist? (Not that I can afford it even if he’s cheap)

Silver Tyger Girl - I took some pics of an antique kimono my mother has, but I haven’t downloaded them yet. I wanted you to see it. It’s dark blue silk with embroidered flowers and birds. It has a sash with fringe, not an obi. It’s beautiful.

A friend of mine posted on another board that he and his wife hosted a 12 year old Russian orphan in the hopes that the agency could find her a home. They decided to adopt her.


My wife just had her water broken.

The one I’ve seen is just the logo. Look in the men’s section in that big wall o’ cubbies with the other “licensed” tees.

Oooo. Sounds nice.

My yukata came. It’s brighter pink than I expected, but still not Barbie pink. I have to check and make sure I have an obi that’ll look good with it. I’m still trying to decided if I want to pick up one or two more - all the one’s I’m look at are $30 - $35 plus like $10 shipping. So I’d want to buy two to make the shipping worth it, but…

If I did a ‘help me pick a yukata’ thread, do you think it’d get any responses?

If there are pictures, yes!
If there are no pictures, you’ll get lots of questions about that Robert Mitchum movie.