Mini-tnars (the reverse of rants)

I have new glasses and they’re working wonderfully well. Usually there’s not much change between prescriptions, but this time I was starting to have to crane my neck up to read the computer screen through the right area of the bifocals. It was annoying.

Now, with the new glasses, I am conscious of the lack of annoyance. Also, they’re lighter than the old glasses, and the nose pads hit in a different place. So that’s another lack of annoyance. It’s a little Ahhh, that I can feel every time I put them on and that sometimes sneaks up on me in the middle of memos.

Does anyone else have something small, but nice, happening to them?

My basil plant and thyme plants are grown up enough that I can start cooking with them regularly. [I use an aerogarden] and I harvested enough off them today to make greek chicken and potatoes. [marinade with basil, thyme, cracked black pepper, lemon juice and olive oil]

I absolutely love being able to grow my own herbs and such, the home raised chickens lay some of the most wonderful eggs, and I know that they are not pumped up with antibiotics and hormones. We only medicate sick animals when they need it.

I did find a commercial hydroponics unit designed to be used by either really affluent people or restaurants for growing herbs and greens that I sort of lust after … with the larger of the models I could actually grow the cute little butter lettuce that I love [single serving salad!] so that I could harvest 1 per day and always have a few heads of lettuce ready for harvesting! with 2 of the larger units I could have all the lettuce and greens [and short herbs like shiso and cress] that I would want.

I went to the beach yesterday. I had to take the subway, then a train. The train costs $10. I had $4 on me. I figured I’d get to the train station in plenty of time to buy a round-trip ticket and still have $4 left over to get something at Dunkin’ Donuts.

All did not go as planned. The subway was slooooooow. Most of the time I was questioning if I’d make the train. At one point I figured I’d have a 50/50 chance. The train left promptly at 8:30. When I got to the station, their clock said 8:29. I ran through the station, knocking down little old ladies and clowns named Eric. (OK, not really.)

When I got to the platform the train was already in motion. The conductor waved at me to hurry up. I jumped through the last door of the accelerating door. A second later and it would have been too late.

When I got on and caught my breath, I told the conductor that all I had was 4 dollars and a credit card. He took my 4 dollars.

The beach was great.

My black dress shoes for work are about seven years old, and even though they’re well-constructed, they were starting to squeak and the right one felt wonky like it was getting ready to break.

They were such good shoes that I despaired of getting any others I liked as well without spending a lot of money. However, I found a pair at The Walking Company that were extremely cute and extremely comfortable and didn’t cost a mint. I’m wearing them now, and I’m well satisfied.

Farewell, old pair of Beautifeels. I got a lot of mileage out of you, but these new Umberto Raffinis are terrific too.

We’ve been listening to the Game Night Guys podcast for the last 6 months and downloaded all of the back episodes. While most of the games might not be the greatest, the episodes are all humorous and worthwhile.

A couple weeks ago they mentioned that their 100th episode/2nd anniversary was coming up so we decided to make a game as a gift for all the great episodes they’ve done. I went to and spent about 45 minutes coming up with a game based on their podcast.

Here’s a link to their website which has it or here’s a direct download.

It’s in the 70’s here. All week. No, it’s not fall- it’s just a fluke, but I’ll take it.

Apparently I have Friday off! Yaaaaay!

I had my 20 week anatomy ultrasound today. Baby is perfect. They checked the heart, eyes, brain, kidneys, hands, feet and tons of other stuff. He wiggled just the right amount for the tech to check all the measurements. Size and heartbeat were right on track. I had already gotten the CVS results back in week 14 (no chromosomal abnormalities) but the scan confirmed he is definitely a little boy!

Last weekend, I found my prescription sunglasses that I was convinced I was going to have to replace, having lost them only a week or two after getting them.

Also, I have the best wife in the world.

I am 11 days (or 10 days and a wake up:-)) from starting my new job. I’ll be with the same company and in the same building, but it’s a new position for more money and less stress. I just submitted my own move request to move to the new spot and I gave myself all the network access I need for it already. I am not getting Short Timers Attitude, but I have to admit I’m not feeling quite as invested in the goings-on of my current job. I also went to a department function last week and won a raffle prize. It was a nice going away present.

Really trivial: I’m getting rid of some of the moving boxes on my patio today (someone on my local Freecycle needed them, I need to get rid of them, win-win).

I’ve got a 6-day weekend at the end of the month!

Sweet! Hope you have fun (whatever falls into that category for you).

I usually take a 4 day weekend, but this year it’ll only be 3. But still – yet another beach vacation!

My Jeopardy audition went okay last week, and I was able to spend a little time visiting with my oldest two kids while in Louisiana. :cool: It’s good to be back home, too - we need a vacation to rest from our vacation, of course.

I’ve got a purring Maine Coon kitty showing me her belly right now.

Got pictures? :wink:

I used to have a probably part-Maine Coon myself, and he loved belly rubs.

Rules, woman. Rules!

Heh. I can feel the purr without the pics. But pics would be nice.

Hey, teela, as a side effect of April’s knee surgery, I now fit into shoes that I haven’t been able to wear for years. :smiley:

Well, now that the obvious has been pointed out to me, I can start growing my own cress–which I am inordinately fond of–anytime I like. That’s pretty nice. :slight_smile: