Minotaurus; follow the trail of breadcrumbs...

Let’s have a little look at the threads Minotaurus has started since he’s been here, along with a smattering of OP’s.

OK: who is best? - men or women ?

it’s nice to be rich

Just as a note to this one, note he won dollars, yet his location field says he’s in North Europe.
check out this chick - with sound and all - giving a screamer link.
do you do the dish and other “women work” ?

homosexuality and the society

must see this: nude chick scores goal (soccer) - pretty self-explanatory one.
I heartily advice you to read those threads; I don’t think I need to post any more of his posts to make my point, but there’s some choice idiocy in there.

Add to this Minotaurus’s…how to put this…ah, yes, astonishingly poor spelling and grammar, which seems to waver somewhat; at times his grammar is pretty good, while at other times it’s awful.

Either Minotaurus is a extraordinarily ignorant person, or (thanks to the new rule);

Thought you ought to know.

And now he’s started a “had the American government something to do with 9-11?” thread.

What a fucking idiot.

Silly me; I forgot his most recent offering. He’s also the most recent person to suggest U.S. collusion in the 9/11 attacks.

Well, that was redundant of me. The preview button is my friend, the preview button is my friend… :smack:

I must admit, some of the OPs he has written are memorable and probably conversation-starting. But most of them annoy me enough that while I may read the thread, I am unlikely to encourage him by responding.

I would go you one further and say that this dude is a sock puppet. The deliberately bad grammar, non-capitalization, and braggy OP about winning money all remind me of someone I saw on here a while ago.

Which one?

Report one of his posts and say who you think he might be. It’d do us all a favour.

Well, with all the time he’s got on his hands, what with being a lottery millionaire and all, you’ think he’d put a little more effort into those OPs, woodencha?

Scary thought: what if those WERE the OPs he put effort into? Think of how much worse they could be? (Considering the person we’re talking about here, I’d guess that’s probably an accurate scenario)

I’m not reading between the lines here today (I’m too distracted thinking about my day off tomorrow, I guess), but is everyone clear on the fact that his “nice to be rich” thread was ultimately closed due to his confession of trollery?

A “minotaur” is a mythological humanoid with the body of a man and the head of a bull.

What does that say about a person who would choose that as a username/self-decription?
BTW, I call myself “BrainGlutton” because my brain is gluttonous. But some Dopers seem to have put other interpretions on it . . . never mind.

I read some of his posts, when they were posted. I quickly decided he was an idiot and not worth my time. Keeping in mind the sort of posts I will respond to (devoting my time), to not waste any time on Mino is pretty damning.

Well, there are two possibilities. One would be that those posts he puts less effort into are not just unreadable, but never actually reach the internet- they are no better than random strings of characters created by Minotaurus randomly flailing at a keyboard with some chance bodily appendage (I’m guessing foot, but take your pick). Luckily for us, these incomprehensible assortments of Cr@^zy l£thTe|r(S are actually being entered into MS Paint, and when Whinotaurus thinks he’s hitting “submit”, he is actually pressing the Power button, plunging his computer into darkness and sparing the readership of the SDMB from having to try and pry logical argument from another mess of gibberish masquerading as a GD topic.

That’s the first possibility.

The second possibility is that those posts- the ones he puts less effort into than his usual, finely-crafted, heavily-varnished and carefully-thought-out piles of steaming arsecheese- are so bad that they are physically harmful to read, and might cause a weak-willed SDMB member to collapse into a bleeding heap, suffering severe skin failure as their eyes attempted to pry themselves lose from their sockets and flee, screaming (can eyes scream? gurgling, maybe) into a dark place far from the hateful bile that flows from the diseased “mind” of the retarded cripple an unkind god created and a terrified world christened Minotaurus!

Ahem. Fortunately for all of those of us Teeming Millions who value our precious, precious eyeballs, the hardworking hamsters toiling within the labrythine bowels of the Straight Dope headquarters (almost certainly located in the Vatican Archives, although some believe the Bermuda Triangle, Area 51 or an anonymous Chicago Starbucks to be more likely) detect the presence of this hideous data threatening the ocular integrity of thousands of innocent Dopers- indeed, it would be hard not to, for such is the pure, mind-numbing evil of these posts that the electricity itself used to convey them is twisted into bizarre, non-Euclidean shapes, screaming as it is forced down bright copper cables that corrode at the very passage of an unclean demon-post the contents of which have only passing ken with the universe as we know it.

These noble but doomed hamsters then leap into action- with molars of resolve, they bite deep into the poor wires carrying Minotaurus’s post, sucking its cthonic malevolence into their tiny, self-sacrificing rodent bodies. Piling furry carcass upon furry carcass, the heroic hamsters blot out the very memory of the post’s existence from the universe itself, neutralising its diabolic influence with a Cricetinaen blood sacrifice unheard of in the annals of history. The cables that carried the shit-spewings of the monster Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken are severed from the machines that surround them and, along with the pile of poor, dead hamsters, are carried from Earth’s atmosphere by Cecil himself, to be fired into a black hole which will, perhaps, contain the hideous, unknowable secrets those mammals died to protect.

And that’s where server outages come from.

So where’s the link to the naked chick scoring the goal?!?

And Mino seems to have the comfort of his parent’s basement to post from. 15 year olds can’t collect lottery winnings. I remember the “Women’s work” thread. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume this is true.

That means, if he actually had his own place, he never washed the floors or washed the dishes. (Well, the “dish”. I guess everything else was Chinette?)

Given that scenario, can you imagine the type of woman that would date him long enough to move in or marry him? No wonder he has such low esteem of the fairer sex.

I had actually assumed it was some sort of zombie reference until just now. Thanks for fighting my ignorance, even if it was really just cleaning up after yourself in this case. :wink:

Well, I make some allowances for Minotaurus based on the obvious fact that English is not his native language.

And Happy Clam comes out of the woodwork! Never knew you could write so entertainingly, Clammo, thanks for the laugh.

Eh, I try not to read too much into screen names.

For obvious reasons :D.

  • Tamerlane

Yes, but if he comes from a country in Northern Europe, his native language will be one using roman characters and which capitalises the first letter of sentences. This makes his consistent failure to do so particuarly egregious.

Please no Gaudere please no Gaudere please…