Misread thread titles

I had the same initial reaction to the thread title, but figured it out when I read the OP.

As it happens, I’ve actually written this short story. Sadly unpublished. (This was many years ago when I actually tried to get some short fiction published. I never got anything more than a perfunctory rejection letter).

It’s a slang term that was current and widely used during noir’s heyday. In context, it’s exactly the correct word to use in describing the trope.

But appropriate for GoT but for the CGI blurring.

Careful who you’re calling antiquated :smirk:

Not misread, but I can’t see the “Spackling the Crack of Dawn” thread title without my mind wanting to go down inappropriate paths regarding the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I just saw “Beloved Childhood Friends You Would Never Eat Today”, and figured that Discourse had inexplicably revived an old Jeffrey Dahmer thread.

Fictional Poops

Pedophilia with a 5-year-old

Yeeks! Next time I’ll be sure to say “Philly.”

Breaking News: Plane lands safely in CO after dropping pants

Not too silly. Don’t general aviation people call the aerodynamic wheel covers on fixed gear planes “wheel pants”?

Leaflets are trying to kill the Right

Dead fish as a light sauce

I was expecting a question about making fish sauce, which technically is made out of dead fish.

“Tasing New Bears” - Why would anyone want to do that?

“Star Trek Lower Drecks” - While many of the ST spin-off shows have sucked, this one seems to acknowledge the phenomena.

UK green beer party suggests 6 pm curfew for men

Well, that doesn’t sound like a very festive St. Patrick’s Day!

This is what I came here to say. Great minds think alike!

An uninvited female late night guest

If only… :joy:

“Cheese is gendered?”

Sometimes. Brie and Mozzarella are female, and Monterey Jack - well, that’s obvious.

What is the best wood word for barbecue?

Ummmm… “barbecue”?

Can you be ticketed for infrared speeding?

186,000 miles per second. It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.