Misread thread titles

From IMHO:

Chaos: on schedule or when needed?

Why has Donald Trump not decomposed?

Are there any Indian restaurants within New York’s Sullivan…counties?

My wedding reception was at a really good one (Mrs. Map has South Asian roots) and I was just about to write my post about it, when I spotted my error!

Does it take reservations?

“Do you have reservations?”
“Yes, but when you’re as hungry as I am, you throw caution to the wind!”

from an old Wizard of Id cartoon

“Too randy” for GD or IMHO?

Football Concussions, the next Big Bang?

Interesting idea for a garden bitch.

Carpenters, woodpeckers, handymen: most durable finish for exterior threshold?

Make sure your project is peck-friendly.


Self driving cats are still decades away. Toonces!

Vets - do you “vet” clothing? Why or why not?

I’m not a vet, but I vet clothing to make sure it will fit me at least.

I keep reading that one thread title as “Why has Donald Trump not been Decapitated or Subpoenaed by the January 6 committee?”

Can you please advise me about garden hoses and also my genitalia?

Sounds like a kinky experiment gone painfully wrong!

Also, although not a misread thread title, dang it, this has to be recorded somewhere. The thread in IMHO, “How Do You Know You’re Drunk?”, was revived after 12 years by a new post containing this informative observation that helps answer the question:

The 190 proof I have rn i very clean, very clean

Talk To Me About Rationing In Vancouver

The poutine supply chain has been massively disrupted. You’ve just gotta be patient.

Traveling to Spain, onions requested.

Catching a Skunk in the house

If you succeed, is it worth it?

Caitlin Jenner Paralyzed…

Actual title: “Caitlin Jensen Paralyzed…” Who is that? Apparently not anyone famous. Well, she wasn’t before.

Catching a Stink in the house

I initially thought this was an oddly phrased request for help tracking down the source of a foul odor.

And also (Sorry about the double post but it’s too late to edit):

Status of Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to go up in Albuquerque

I would have thought they already had fairly high status, given how popular their show was.