Misread thread titles

Is there a clear difference between a motorcycle and car?

Are you blind?!?!?

Buying a cat from a rental company

Welcome back to The Canopener Café, 2023!

The can opener cafe, where all the food comes from cans.

Orange Fatigues - Can anyone relate?

Question on house plant pigmentation

Well, one of my favorites is Farfugium japonicum “Aureomaculatum”.

Cars - Dental Work?

“Check out my new grills!”

Stalins and grapefruit

What they invariably ask for after they step out of the cloning chamber?

It doesn’t smell! Let’s call it something else!

SDMB Photo Thread - Show us a potato!

Is potato.

Remember making ‘suicide’ drinks at the fountain of youth?

No, but maybe when I drank from the fountain of youth that caused memory loss and identity death.

Re-engineering a turtle-ramjet

Better streamline the shell while you’re at it, or the turbulence could be catastrophic.

Utah Goldilocks - new currency

The currency that’s just right.

I am sure Gamera could easily handle the upgrade.

Headline on the ESPN website:

Sources: Suns purchase likely official by Feb. 9

I read that as the Phoenix Suns buying an NBA official, to make sure more calls go their way during the team’s stretch run to the playoffs.

General Motors suck

I mean, that’s not an uncommon opinion.

LaTeX support Broken?

I hope she’s on the pill.

I read that one as “Satans and grapefruit”.

It’s the devil’s fruit, I tell ya!

US Secret Service report on Mars Attacks in Public Spaces 2016-2020

Well, I thought that at last, the Secret Service had some meat to UFO stories…

Help me help my mom to go catless

Throwing out the litterbox is a good first step.

Amazingly, she managed that one all by herself, though anyone who knew her for the past several decades when we continuously had between 2 and 3 cats would have found that hard to believe. She said that with as long as the last ones lasted, if she got another, she’d still be cleaning litter-boxes at 90, and she wasn’t going to have that.

Well, OK, she does still sort of have one, but it’s an outdoor-only cat, so no litter-boxes involved.