Misread thread titles

Peanut butter explosion

Peanut butter explanation

You don’t EXPLAIN peanut butter!
You WON’T explain peanut butter.
You can’t explain PEANUT BUTTER!

Real estate purchase clothing - share experiences where it didn’t close?

Are we supposed to dress up when we buy a house?

AL Shortsperson of the Year 2022

I was thinking that “shortsperson” was some kind of woke, gender-neutral term for shortstop…

Cameltoe Surgery Experiences

On second thought, nah.

Here’s one I’ve glanced at and misread more than once:

(Hypothetical) Should the US step in to help America?

Yes. Yes it should.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Beyond Meat Coo was someone’s name.

Middle dick on the mouse

My mouse only has…well, never mind.

Another mis-parsed thread:
Water restriction? Fine! How should I prepare for court?

Intentionally mis-spelling clock - cunning idea?

It was mis-setting.

A national blood donor’s unicorn

Change a diving law