Missing commercials this Christmas?

While some of the usual commercials aired this Christmas - the Hershey’s “kisses bells” was all over the place - did anybody else notice any that aired regularly but didn’t air this year?

One that I know I did not see: the Corona “Feliz Navidad” ad, where someone whistles “O Christmas Tree” while a palm tree in the background has Christmas lights light up.

One that I don’t think I saw: the M&M s commercial where Red & Yellow meet Santa:
Red: “He does exist!”
Santa: “They do exist!”
Then they both faint.

I saw both of those. I never saw the sledding electric razor. Maybe that’s not a thing anymore. I never saw the Folgers coffee ad where the long lost son is coming home for Christmas.

He and his sister were booted from the family home for unwrapping each other’s…presents.

I haven’t seen the Eat 'N Park tree in years. :frowning:

ANYONE who’s from around here knows that it’s not the same without it!

Saw it at least twice: my kid gets a kick out of noticing Fry’s voice.

You should have pointed out that Yellow is J. Jonah Jameson. Or any one of J. K. Simmons’ many other roles.

Toys ‘R’ Us didn’t seem to run many ads this year. :wink:

They’re bankrupt aren’t they?^^^^

Ugh, too soon.

I didn’t see the M&M one either.

I guess the Clapper is a thing of the past.

The Corona ad was everywhere I watch. I saw it a dozen times, just as much as the bell that goes, “Whew…” . I actually like both of them as simple non intrusive ads. I think they should have that dude who pulls a beer out of an ice cooler and shouts, “It’s summertime!” pull one out of a snow bank and yell, “It’s winter time!”


They’ve actually been running ads a lot lately. I’ve seen one like this (orig. 2015) a couple times in recent weeks. There’s also one for a “smart … home …”* version that detects double/triple claps.

  • Excuse me. I was giggling.

Ah, yes. The infamous Folger’s “Incest In Your Cup” commercial. I miss it. But thank goodness for youtube. (Click for the extended cut,)

It’s not quite a Christmas ad, but still technically counts IMO since it typically airs in the company of Christmas ads…I never saw the Allstate commercial about the number of people who succeeded in setting their homes on fire while trying to deep fry a turkey at Thanksgiving.