Missing instruments when playing audio CDs on XBox

Since I now have a few games that allow custom soundtracks, I’ve begun importing my CDs into the XBox. But it’s just not working like it should. You know that song with a really great electric guitar on top of the intro, the one where the guitar that just primes the rest of the song to rock? Well the track plays fine, but completely without that guitar.

Best I can figure out, the CDs for which I’m having this problem have digitized the music in either distinct EQ band ranges, some of which the XBox just ignores. Or maybe the instruments are still separate recording tracks that get played simultaneously, and while it’s great that the CD is trying to play 16 tracks, the XBox can only recognize 8. The CDs play the full compliment on CD players, in my computer, they got transferred to my MP3 player just fine, but the XBox is just failing me.

So does anybody know how the XBox is muting/ignoring the guitar? I tried a quick google for some tech forums, but the search terms are just so vague that I failed miserably.

Figured it out, and it’s all my own idiocy. Stereo CD. Cheap mono tv. Guitar’s on the second, stereo, track.

Og I’m a :wally

In the Xbox dashboard, you can set your speaker outputs to Mono, and then the stereo channels will be downmixed into a single mono channel. Your guitar should come back then. Everything else will sound much better too.

After realizing my problem, I tried that out. For whatever reason (maybe because the track was ripped to the XBox as stereo?), it won’t mix the channels. Everything else does sound better, though.