Missing Tygr, Grumpy Dragon, er Deacon

Just to bring those of you who are interested up to date on the adventures of Tygr and Jkayla…

They moved into their new place – which looks like a really nice house – over the last weekend in January. We’d planned on helping with the move, but I ended up having to work. Jkayla’s brother and his roommates gave them a hand, though. And I’m sure they’ll be on to tell the story of Adventures in Moving in their inimitable style.

I spoke to them on the phone. Computer and phone line are available – but for some reason the folks who had the house before had phone jacks hooked to an entirely separate line at the place they’ve got their computer set up. So they need to get some rewiring done before they’re back on line.

Tygr had a second interview with the people here, and they’ve asked for his references – and know and think highly of his previous employers, so things are looking good. Keep his job prospects in your thoughts, prayers, or whatever you use to conjure good prospects for your friends.

We’d hoped to get together over the weekend, but failed to connect. But I figured a little news from the Tygr front might be useful to the folks here.

(And I don’t have any news about Deacon – save that I hope he can make the trip down from the Place that Vander Built for one of our fests. But I had to add that in to finish the play on the movie name.)