MLB 2020 The (Weird) Postseason

They lost again taking the streak to 18. And with the Marlins victory over the Cubs today, it’s down to one team left.

Yeah, I’m sure the Indians name is changing this offseason. Even if they win the World Series, I bet there’s a new name and merchandise by Christmas.

Bases loaded, non out and The Wild Thing on the mound. Go Yanks!


Nice fielding Tanaka.

That was one long, crazy and exciting game. Somehow I made it to the last out. Extra hard as there was an extra last out. Go Yanks, off to face Tampa.

I like 16 teams in the playoffs.

That said, if I was King of Baseball, the way I’d want it is

  1. Add 6 new teams. More baseball, please. Montreal, another team in NYC, Portland, Austin, a few others, probably Vancouver, maybe Vegas? Indianapolis? Charlotte? Six 6-team divisions.

  2. Keep 162 game seasons, since that fits really well; 18 intradivisional games per opponent, 6 against teams in the other divisions. However, add 8-10 doubleheaders to keep the season from going from March to November. On doubleheader days teams can go up to 28 players.

  3. Make Round 1 a best of five. Division champions host four of five games, HHAHH.

October 5th begins the next round: All games on TBS.
Yanks @ Tampa in San Diego
Astros @ A’s in LA.

NLDS starts on the 6th.
Dodgers will be the home team in Arlington (Padres or Cards)
Braves will be the home team in Houston (Cubs or Marlins)

Utterly bizarre to cancel the Cubs game yesterday, it was a very typical October 1 here in Chicago. Greyish skies but if there was any rain, it was just a mild drizzle

I hope anyone who paid a cover to get into a bar to watch it got their money back.

So the Central divisions were a big pile of garbage. Their teams went 0-7 in the playoffs, for a combined 2-14 record.

Is this round best of 5 or 7?

Best of 5 and the LCSs and World Series are best of seven, as per usual.

At least the Cards won a game. Unlike the Cubs. The old-hometown nostalgia part of my season ends on a high note. The Cubly defeat was administered by my new hometown Marlins no less. Smiles all around here.

I am enjoying that there are two possible California-only World Series matchups and one possible Florida-only match-up. Admittedly none of those combos are very likely. But it’s fun to think about.

Only 1 of the 8 remaining teams (NYY) are from cold-weather towns. The Sunbelt has Risen.

Competing with the NHL Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, as well as with both college and pro football, baseball’s real season is getting drowned out. It’s like it doesn’t even exist.

The Stanley Cup is wrapped up, but yeah having the Lebron show doesn’t help.

All the postseasons seem to be devouring each other. And all are being devoured by football, and the election.

Yeah, you know MLB and Fox are begging for Dodgers/Yankees to save the ratings

Fuckin Yankees

Fuck, could the AL postseason be going any worse?

It would be great to see the A’s and the Rays play each other for the right to go to the World Series, but they’re both down 1-0 and it’s looking right now like the LCS will be the Spenders versus the Cheaters. If that happens, I’m definitely rooting for a National League World Series win this year; anyone except the Marlins, but if the Padres won, that would be especially nice.

By the way, when all the baseball is done and you’re looking for something good to read over the offseason, may I suggest the new book by Eric Nusbaum, Stealing Home: Los Angeles, the Dodgers, and the Lives Caught in Between.

I’ll bet that plenty of baseball fans and Angelenos know the story of Chavez Ravine and the Dodgers—I actually teach about it in my college US History course—but Nusbaum does a really nice job of telling the story from a human standpoint, weaving all the personal stories of immigration and relocation and political machinations nicely into the bigger-picture tale of baseball, Los Angeles business, the postwar rise of the American west, and the red scare politics of the 1940s and 1950s. There’s plenty in there for baseball fans, lovers of political intrigue, American history fans, and people who just like a good story, well told.

Yanks just set a record for scoring 9+ in their first 3 playoff games of the year. I would say the AL Postseason is going well despite insanely long games.

But yesterday the Yankees tried to be tricksy and it blew up in their faces. I was surprised that they announced rookie Deivi Garcia, who has done well at times this season but hasn’t established himself as a big game pitcher yet. But it was a set-up to get the Rays to load their lineup with lefties against a right hander. It didn’t work, since Garcia gave up a home run, and when he was pulled after the first inning to bring in the lefty J.A. Happ, Happ gave up four runs himself. Happ was apparently pissed at having been used that way.

Even as a Yankees fan I thought this was stupid (especially since it didn’t work). This is a David vs Goliath strategy, not one a team as loaded as the Yankees should fall back on.