MLB tickets . Boston at NY. September 2022


We are three Mexicans with a Bucket List wish. Yankee stadium, September 2022 against Boston. So, it will be three seats behind home plate. Two games.

We are humble folks. I told them I could find cheap flights, cheap room. but I have no idea how to get tickets. I realize the tickets will be expensive, but this is a Bucket List wish.

We thank you for your help.

You can get tickets through
A part of
Directly to 2022 Ticketing: 2022 Tickets | New York Yankees
I’m not sure single game tickets are on sale yet.

You also may not be able to buy single game tickets for Red Sox/Yankees. At Fenway they sell highly prized games (such as Sox/Yankees) bundled with multiple games. I don’t know if that’s true for extremely expensive tickets like behind home plate. Getting those from the official site may be impossible, it may be easier to get them from sites like StubHub closer to the date.

Thank you both for sharing your time.

Stubhug is willing to sell these tickets, 350 each ticket,

But if Señior Exit is correct, Stubhub doesn’t have physical tickets in their possesion.

No one has tickets for next season right now, they haven’t been released.

Correct. They are selling you the promise of those tickets, with some possible (probable) substitutions. Make sure you understand what they will do for you if they can’t acquire those exact seats or get them for that price. If you’re willing to accept tickets in the same general area they should be able to get you something.

I’m a bit suspicious of the $350 price, that seems low for those tickets but perhaps they can do so in order to hold onto your money for a year. If both teams are out of the running by then the ticket prices will drop. But it’s likely that one or both teams are still in the hunt for the playoffs.

I wouldn’t buy tickets for Sunday, September 25. If that game gets rained out, you’re going to be out of luck, the Yankees play in Toronto the next day.

I’d buy for the Thursday night game, gives you the best chance to get to go to a rescheduled game.

I assume (Yankees fans please jump in with your input) that a rained out Thursday or Friday game will get made up as a split double header over that weekend. A Saturday night rainout might be made up on Sunday, but MLB doesn’t like split Sunday doubleheaders. If the Sunday game gets rained out, there are no common off days for the rest of the season, so it could get interesting, but none of that applies to the bucket list ticket buyers.

Thank you all for participating.

Doesn’t appear that it is a decision I need to make soon.

I will wait until I have more information.

Thanks again.

Another thing to be aware of is the upcoming negotiation for the agreement between the MLB and players, which may delay or end up stopping the season entirely.

How far behind home plate are you talking? Because as far as I know the ones in the first couple of rows behind the plate go for $2500 face value. $350 sounds extremely low unless you are talking a section or two higher up.

No tickets are officially available until after the season is officially over. You can’t even buy directly from the team yet. Stubhub is usually reliable but I would be a little leery of anyone who says they have tickets now.