Mobile theme messed up top bar

On the highest zoom setting (in the sight preferences), using Straight Dope Light, I now find that the top navigation bar is messed up. The bar became thicker, and my avatar moved down to the next line.

I suspect the issue is that the width was changed. Before, there was always a bit of overscroll on the right. That seems to be gone.

Here’s a screenshot from Chrome:

Your explanation is more detailed, but I came in to say that my avatar is now misplaced as well. No zooming is required–it’s displaced on opening view.

Same here. I thought it might have something to do with iOS 16.0, which I installed last night.

I’ve currently worked around it in Firefox on mobile by adblocking the home button, which gives enough room for the other two buttons and the avatar.

I also note that I don’t see the home button on desktop. Maybe that’s the big change. The home button may have pushed the avatar to the next line.

Same issue here on a Pixel 4a, Android 13, using the app. I agree that it does look like the home icon is pushing the user icon to a second line.

And of course the app icon continues to shrink. It’s only a few pixels wide at this point.

Happening on my Samsung S20 Ultra as well. I clicked on my icon to check who replied to me and its been moved to the next line ever since about three hours ago.

I notice that the THE STRAIGHT DOPE MESSAGE BOARD banner at the top of every page is becoming minuscule.

ETA: I also notice that clicking the home icon yields DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

The SD logo on the app’s icon seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Maybe it’ll disappear into a dot. Android

Yeah, today I noticed that the SDMB banner at the top is tiny on my screen. It seemed normal yesterday. iPhone using Safari.

This morning my SDMB app logo also shrunk again. Originally it was the whole circle, then shrunk like it was to fit into the circle and now is just a tiny square inside a white circle.

On Android, and nothing visibly updated since last night. (I’m pretty sure there was an Android update since the first shrinkage)

The icons fit now, and the straight dope lettering to the left of the icons is back to the regular size.

Unfortunately now I’m getting the app crashing a ton, failing to load. (Pixel 4A.) Maybe this update that just fixed the icons will fix the crashing for me.

Top bar looks good. Sorry about the app, which I don’t use.