Mockingbird, a moment please.

Mockingbird, heck, anyone, could you explain this and Mockingbird’s subsequent posts throughout that thread? I’m willing to give Mockingbird the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’s having a bad day. Maybe someone called him a name IRL and he’s lashing out here. Please, help me to understand.

This was where the lunacy really began.
(Oh, and here’s the whole thread.)

Although of course it seems that it’s perfectly fine for non-straight people to make the same jokes. Either Mock is a bigot, or just having a really bad day. But his conduct in that thread is absolutely shameful.

Exactly what I would expect from a mockingbird. Loud noise. All times of the day. No rhyme or reason. No surprises.

Hey! Mockingbirds are my favorite birds! They only sing all night if they aren’t getting any. Plus they’re all sorts of gutsy: they’ll attack anything that invades their breeding area.

Besides, Mockingbird took his name from a comic book character.

But I still think Hastur is a cooler name.

He’s just crazy. All the time. He’s been like this for a long while.

Just coming out of lurker mode to say:

I read that entire thread, and FinnAgain, you deserve an anti-Pitting. Some of your comments in there were truly inspired.

Awww shucks ma’am, tweren’t nuthin’

~kicks dirt~

Mockingbird, I truly feel sorry for you. You’ve obviously had a rough life. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be gay and to have to deal with the bigotry that you’ve had to deal with.

But I really don’t know what you want from me. I’m straight, and I can’t understand why you’d want me to not act that way. I’m not asking you to not be gay. If you want to pop into a thread about who your favorite actor is and mention that you think that Mark Walhberg has a great ass, go for it. I’m not offended. I don’t care.

But you really do have to get over it. You’re in the minority, which means that most people are straight. Therefore whenever people start talking about sex, 9 times out of 10 it’s going to be about straight sex. Guy on girl. Straight guys are going to talk about boobs. And your shrill screeches (don’t be mistaken and think that your posts on this matter are anything but shrill) of bigotry and heterosexism aren’t doing anybody any good.

Of course, you’ve heard all this before from other people, so I have no doubt that you’re just going to dismiss me and my post like you did the others. But I sincerely hope not.

Better advice would be to lighten up. I find it really hard to believe someone could get so worked up over a few boobie jokes.

I think he was upset at the “A gay man pitted heteros over a boobie highjack, and they responded by drowning his thread in boobie highjacks! Oh the humanity! To me, my gay brethren, to me! Heterosexism!” aspect of it.

That it was a dumbassed pitting over an insignificant event never seems to have entered his mind.

I wouldn’t say that. Like I said in the original thread, before reading his post, it had never occurred to me before how heterosexual-oriented the world is. Yes, homosexuals are the minority, and therefore the majority of sexual displays will be heterosexual, but I think Mockingbird makes a very valid point when he says that homosexual displays are basically not allowed. That isn’t right.

Except that they ain’t 'round here.

andros, you’re saying that homosexual displays aren’t not allowed here? Its’ late and my brain is shutting down.
[Tim Curry]The double negative is proof positive![/TC]

. . . .

. . . . . . .
Yes. Right. Aren’t not. They are.

Obviously yours isn’t the only one.

Hold on . . . one plus two, plus one, plus one . . .

That’s how I had it figured. Some people round here could benefit from an Opal diet, with, appropriately enough, 3 components: Orwell, Popper and C.S. Lewis.

It’s been my experience he likes to hold grudges. Even in threads I agree with him, he manages to get a snide insult involved. (No, I’m not doing the legwork to search for it. Not worth the time and effort. It boils down to his view that duffer=insult-worthy.) In every case.

It’s one thing to fight ingnorance and debate or flame someone based on posts in current threads. It’s another to constantly make known a genuine dislike. Shit, even elucidator, Diogenes,** Reeder**, and Left Hand of Dorkness have on occasion shown a modicum of respect for me as a human being. :eek:

I’ve lived in Calgary for nearly 15 years, and the obvious homosexual PDA’s I’ve seen have been one pair of women holding hands. Unless Calgary is homosexual-free, there are not a lot of homosexual PDA’s going on around here.

I think “here” was referring to the SDMB, feath.

…and that is our fault?