Mod Hats for the masses

(Thanks to stofsky for the idea.)

This is in the Pit to allow it to get a bit unruly and be more fun. Lampoon yourself and your favorite posters here by showing how they might post warnings and comments if you or they were moderators.

[Libertarian’s Mod Hat On]

I don’t see any way to tie this debate into libertarian philosophy. This thread is closed.

[/Libertarian’s Mod Hat Off]

[Jab’s Mod Hat On]

You’re a moron. Now that I’ve insulted you, I’m moving this thread to the Pit.

[Jab’s Mode Hat Off]

[Poly’s Mod Hat On]

Oh, dear me. I’m not sure how to address this issue in light of St. Bartholemew’s injunction in 128 C.E. to the Hebrew slaves to “let the light of love bleed from your bosoms.” Suffice it to say that I think you two need to calm down. Having said that, I want to make clear that my intention is not to stifle discussion. Anyone have any input on this?

[Poly’s Mod Hat Off]

[Tris’s Mod Hat On]

Suppose you were to take a walk in the woods, and while passing by a creek, you spy a young squirrel who calls out to you, “Hi, friend.” Do you question your own sanity? Do you respond to the squirrel? Do you move this thread to MPSIMS? Hmmm… Perhaps those who search will know.

[Tris’s Mod Hat Off]

[Spiritus’s Mod Hat On]

Lib, this is a warning. Reference my post #220273. I hope you get teh point.

[Spiritus’s Mod Hat Off]

[Arden’s Mod Hat On]

Okay, kids. Cut it out. And I mean now!

[/Arden’s Mod Hat Off]

[Esprix’s Mod Hat On]

Aw shit. What am I gonna have to do, slap you in the head with a two-by-four? Oh, and just for the record, I’m nowhere near my bitch-slap quota for the day. Thread closed.

[Esprix’s Mod Hat Off]

I’m appalled. If you really were a Libertarian, you would be opposed to the very idea of moderators, and argue for a laissez-faire message board (LFMB) instead.

Have you gone soft?

[Real Libertarian’s moderator hat]
Government is the Great Satan. All Evil comes from Government, and all Good from the Market, according to the Ayatollah Rand, blessed be Her name. Message board moderation is but the first step down the slippery slope of Government, away from blessed Libertopia. Naturally, I have proof of this through geometric logic.

Therefore, I refuse to close down this thread. Rather, I propose we regard all posts as private property, and solve all controversy by civil lawsuit over damages. The US doesn’t have enough lawyers, and people who can’t afford to invest many thousands of dollars in lawsuits should not post to the Straight Dope Message Board.
[/Real Libertarian’s moderator hat]

:smiley: Pretty good, Aegypt!

[Lolo’s Mod Hat On]

I’m still not impressed; this thread is closed.

[/Lolo’s Mod Hat Off]

[Fenris’ Mod Hat ON]

Ode to Moving your Thread to the Pit
to “I Saw Her Standing There”

One, two, free, four!

Well, I just saw your thread
Don’t know what was in your head
Don’t try to plead your case, I don’t even care
The Pit is the place for this garbage (oooh!)
So I moved your thread down there

You should have just stayed in bed
Or at least stayed on your meds
But to post this crap, how could you even dare
The Pit is the place for this garbage (oooh!)
So I moved your thread down there

Well, my mod hat’s gear
And you best stand clear
Or your ass might just get banned…

Don’t pull this stunt again
You’ve been warned now, my friend
Now get out of here, just crawl back in your lair
The Pit is the place for this garbage (oooh!)
So I moved your thread down there

[Fenris’ Mod Hat OFF]

[sup]With, of course, much admiration for McCartney, Lennon, and Fenris[/sup]

[Hiryu’s mod hat on]

8*phi is divisible by the golden ratio of galactic consciousness as proved in Einstein’s equation E=gravity wave constructs(photonics)exp^phi. Therefore, this thread is in an unstable quantum harmonic and must reappear in the Pitt.

[Hiryu’s mod hat off]

[Sea Sorbust mod hat on]

The answer to this GQ on washing machine maintenance is easily answered by a simple Google search for “superstrings”. Do your research next time. This thread is closed.

[Sea Sorbust mod hat off]

haha! What a great tribute!

here’s one…

[Jarbabyj’s Mod Hat On]
The OP is just asking to be…
[Jarbabyj’s Mod Hat Off]

As this is not the pit, I’m going to have to refrain from continuing this post. But I will tell you that it was going to involve certain illicit acts committed by German firefighters. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to piss off the mods, but I can’t resist posting to this thread. So how 'bout a compromise? I’ll lampoon myself…

[THespos mod hat on]
I don’t know why this thread isn’t in MPSIMS. It failed to mention anything of great importance. “Great importance” is defined as:

  • Any inside information on a possible Van Halen reunion tour.
  • Lists of tunes that people like (which must include at least one token Van Halen number)
  • Posts consisting of people posting while sloppy drunk or describing in-progress acid trips
  • Posts bitching about careless drivers or assholes pushing obscure political agendas
  • Bits ranting about discrimination against people who fall into any minority group to which I currently belong (overweight people, people who are adopted, people who are losing their hair, etc.)

Since I haven’t found anything of great importance in this thread, and since it has failed to stimulate me in any way (or at least give me a good chuckle), off to UncleBeer and Coldfire in MPSIMS…

[THespos mod hat off]

<handy’s Mod hat ON>

this is uncool guys… reminds me of two chicks who asked me once for sex in Hawaii when they didn’t have contraption with them that time. That was what they said. ok, that’s an official warning… breasts…thread closed in Netscape 6.01, java compatible and fully compliant with W3 standards. Nice chicks, too. Maybe I should think about calling them sometime. Got to be careful about diseases you catch from bowel’s though.

<handy’s Mod hat OFF>

am I stupid… this is this pit… it just seemed so tame…

oh well, I probably couldn’t have thought of anything any more witty and clever than what I’ve already got.

<jdt mod hat on>

As much as this pains me…I’m afraid I need to cut this thread short.

</ jdt mod hat off>

<jack dean tyler “hat” on>…

actually… no. I think we’d better not.


Dammit bdave - I saw that idea first!

Heh. Good one, guys. Great concept, Lib.

[UncleBeer’s Moderator Ha…

What? Oh. Nevermind.

[ Ben’s Mod Hat On ]

Is this thread really a Great Debate, or is it just more anti-evolution polemic? Why does the arrangement of genes and pseudogenes in the hemoglobin clusters correlate with their calculated phylogenetic trees? It’s funny how many creationists seem to think “God did it” or “God likes it that way” is all they need to say in order to be scientific. Oh, and this thread is closed until the OP reads a science textbook.

[ /Ben’s Mod Hat Off ]


[seethruart’s moderating lens on]If you squint, this thread looks very offensive. Lockdown. Watch out for the anteater. [/seethruart’s moderating lens off]

Diane’s Mod Hat On

If you don’t like it because I closed the thread dipshit then write a book.

Bricker’s Mod Hat On

It’s really not any concern of yours what I do with this thread. It’s in the best interest of all.

Crunchy Frog’s Mod Hat On

So stick it where the sun don’t shine if you don’t appreciate me. Bow before me newbies.

Got a hundred of them but I can’t remember how to spell everyone’s name so I’ll stop

[TheNewbie Moderator Hat On]
Uhh, so guys, what exactly do I do next?
[/TheNewbie Moderator Hat Off]

[/blur’s mod hat on}

I fixed the coding, try and use preview next time.

[blur’s mod had off/]

(yeah, I realize the codings wrong. You ever see me try and code?)

[stoid’s mod hat on]

Its pretty obvious that Van Halen’s reunion tour hasn’t taken place because of the Bush administration. When Clinton was in office, the reunion was a sure thing.

[/stoids mod hat off]

[hardygrrl’s mod hat on]

You wanna question me?

::hardygrrl throws steel chair at (insert troll’s name here)::

Wham… Van Daminator.

This thread’s closed.

[/hardygrrls mod hat off]

Here’s one you’ll never see… I’ll use Uncle Beer since he’s cool with the idea so far.

[Uncle Beer’s mod hat on]

Why your right (insert random sock’s name here), I was being unfair to the poster named M0DZ_SuK_@ZZ. How lucky I am you registered just 7 minutes after M0DZ_SuK_@ZZ was banned. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways.

[/Uncle Beer’s mod hat off]

Hopefully it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, no offense to Stoid, Hardygrrl or Uncle Beer. You guys are the first names I though of.