Mod Hats for the masses

[AM/PM Moderator Hat On]
This thread is full of banned posters that came back again. I’d ban them, but it is impossible. This thread is closed.
[/AM/PM Moderator Hat Off]

[Wildest Bill Moderator Hat On]
Okay, I’ve gotten over the hole race thing, and I know its not okay to call the Arabs “ragheads,” but would it be okay for me to shoot all the people in this thread?
[/Wildest Bill Moderator Hat Off]
[sub]yes i know he was banned[/sub]

[Sock Moderator On]
UncleBeer Sucks. This thread is closed and UncleBeer is banned.
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[Duck Duck Goose Mod Hat On]

From what I can tell, you’ve asked a general question in the form of poetry with abusive language aimed at a mundane aspect of someone’s humble opinion about a great debate over Cecil’s comment on a staff report about this message board.

Hmmm, what to do? I think the easiest thing would be to move this thread to the Moderator’s Secret Forum. Here’s a link. :slight_smile: Oh, and the password is “l33t” (without the quotation marks).

[Duck Duck Goose Mod Hat Off]

[Duck Duck Goose’s Moderator Hat ON]

Sigh. Ever since becoming a moderator, my family sees even less of me because of all these petty squabbles that I’m now forced to deal with. Thanks, everyone, for making my life more complex. :wink: :rolleyes:

As to this thread, I just can’t see where it should really go.


Now, it seems quite clear to me that what’s done here in “the BBQ Pit” (which tends towards long and hot) is neither barbequing nor grilling (so the forum itself is mistitled).

This thread itself appears to be full of light-hearted jabs, not at all in keeping with the BBQ Pit image, even if it is misnamed. So, where to move it to?

MPSIMS? Well, the thread certainly isn’t mundane.

Nor is it pointless.

Actually, it should probably go into IMHO.

Since the topic is certainly “less-than-cosmic,” and also much like a poll.

In an attempt to be a good Moderator,

(I am using the “coordinator,” “discriminator,” and “explainer” senses of the word, see Collins and Berge:

I will move this thread over there.

[DDG’s Moderator Hat OFF]

[Knead’s mod hat on]
Frankly, this is the sort of thing that –
[Knead’s mod hat off]

[…bowing and scraping at DaveW’s feet…]


[Geobabe’s Mod Hat On]

I realize that the OP is a question about Quantum Mechanics, but since no one’s flirting with me, this thread is closed.

[/Geobabe’s Mod Hat Off]

[sub]Get up, Lib, you’re embarrassing us both. Sheesh.[/sub]

The above wasn’t quite the homage to DDG that I had originally planned, but I didn’t have all that much time. I was rushed by the thought that someone else would swipe the idea. (Almost happened, too, didn’t it?) Forgive me, DDG, for being so inadequate at imitating you.

[Qadgop the Mercotan’s Mod Stethoscope on]

You’re clearly insane and need to be medicated. Consult your physician.

[/Qadgop the Mercotan’s Mod Stethoscope off]

[Phaedrus’ Mod Hat On]
Look, I’m closing this thread down now. Goverment agents are watching this too closely, I can’t tell you who or how, because I’m having to send this from a secure terminal and I haven’t much…
[Phaedrus’ Mod Hat Disconnected]

[sub]oh, I’m gonna be in such trouble for this…[/sub]

[Silent Bob’s Mod Hat On]
:eek: :mad: :wally
[Silent Bob’s Mod Hat Off]

[Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor’s Mod Hat On]


Whaddaya MEAN “good morning”, you cheesy ass wipe?

[sub]Fuckin’ nutwad. Good morning my ass.[/sub]

You’re a bowel movement on legs. AND YOUR FUCKING THREAD IS {{{{{CLOSED!!!}}}}}

[Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor’s Mod Hat Off]

[Collunsbury Mod Hat]

Recent studies have shown that there is effectively no difference in threads. Forum descriptions are meaningless. Threads are all the same, so therefore, I will not be moving this thread.

[/Collunsbury Mod Hat]

[Hiyruu mod hat on]
All of this is basically inconsequential, considering the societal and economic ramifications that will be brought about by this guy I met last night. We met behind a 7-Eleven, and he showed me how he could turn a gallon of lemon-lime gatorade into hi-test gasoline by simply pouring a packet of green powder into it. It works on a quantum physics level, but that doesn’t really matter, as I’ve invested $10,000 to become 33% owner of this guy’s company. Within six months, I’ll be a billionaire and will be responsible for transforming society as we know it.

All I’m saying is that this thread will be rendered moot very soon, so it’s closed.
[Hiyruu mod hat off]
[Whammo mod hat on]
Just wanted to jump into this thread to let everyone know that the skin on my elbows has taken on a kinda rough, sandpapery feel as of late. By all means, continue with your discussion and don’t let me distract you.
[Whammo mod hat off]
[curious george mod hat on]
I’ve just executed a script that will automatically remove all trolls from the SDMB. So all of you trolls had better say your goodbyes right now, because it should kick in in abou-

[dalovindj Mod Hat On]

Shizzle my nizzles. I’m moving this thread to the Westsiiiiide!

[dalovindj Mod Hat Off]

HAHAHAHAHA! Man, that was funny!


[FriendofGod Moderator Hat On]

Hey guys I know you all hate me but Jesus Our Lord And Savior clearly dictates to turn the other cheek so just remember GOD LOVES YOU :slight_smile: I’ll be back in about six months to close this thread!

[FriendofGod Moderator Hat Off]

(There’s one more I’d looooooooooooove to do, but, wisely, I won’t, 'cause it’d get me banned for sure. :wink: )



Ooo, crumb, Chief! Is this accurate?


ultress was close, but I think I’d be more like this:

[Crunchy Frog mod hat on]
This thread is not about me or baseball, and since I can’t find any way to turn it into a discussion of either topic, I will feed my ego by demonstrating my power to close this thread.
[/Crunchy Frog mod hat off]

[Hamadryad mod hat one]
This thread contains too much flirting and this is not supposed to be a flirting type thread. Lockdown and get a room for Christ’s sake!
[/Hamadryad mod hat off]

[Gazoo mod hat on]
SDMB picks for the week:
Trolls 0 at Mods 420
Just a gut feeling here. The Trolls had a good start to the season, but they’re tired and old now and getting pretty beat up. The Mods however, have a strong QB in Cecil Adams and good O-line for protection. Look for the Mods to go all the way this year.
START: TubaDiva, Lynn Bodoni, Uncle Beer, Czarcasm, Alphagene, manhattan. Careful on the rest.
[/Gazoo mod hat off]

(Espix mod hat on)
Is the PIT! I thought so.
No one gives a rat’s patooty about your apology. Besides, I’d rather keep on not liking you.
One more apology from you, little Mr., and I’m banning your butt.
Get your post count up…Oh damn, I just spilled coffee on my best pink dress and my cowboy boots!!!
(mod hat off)