Mod Nazi Rankings - TVeblen is a loser

Below is the list of pit threads about Mods/Admins/Perfect Masters.

Lift your game TVeblen. :wink:

Coldfire 25

Coldfire is a big smelly jerk. Exgineer
For Coldfire Liakela
Coldfire again. Lobsang
Coldfire I was having fun you cranky… Lobsang
Coldfire please change your name BZ00000
Coldfire has a new fan, it seems… Princhester
Coldfire corrupted my husband! capybara
Re: Coldfire projects his own shortcomings onto me The Ryan
Coldfire - A question, sir. Beelzebubba
Coldfire called me a fucking idiot! I feel so validated! OpalCat
Coldfire, what were you thinking? The Ryan
Coldfire is an ass heembo
Coldfire, you can kiss my butt Chilly Conflagration
chronos, winkelried, coldfire, manhattan & CO. jally
In which Coldy attemtps to install ADSL. Coldfire
Sorry Coldy hun I can’t let this go…please forgive me techchick68
Freddy’s back, and stalking Coldfire as he sleeps restlessly Dr_Paprika
Coldfire is an oppressive Nazi mod outside his own forum!! cooldude
Faster than a speeding moderator - a tribute to coldy reprise
Coldfire is a JERK Pit Meister
Coldfire, you’re a liar. Mu Mu
Coldfire, you got some ‘splainin’ to do! dropzone
Ok Coldfire, you stupid FUCK drainthelizard
what the hell are you doing coldfire? bj0rn
Coldfire, get off of Lumpy’s back! Canthearya

manhattan 19

Manhattan, do you know crap about ripping music? UnuMondo
Can Manhatten Swear When Closing A Thread in GQ? SandWriter
Manhattan is a Ding-Dong mister_me
Manhattan has a Ding-Dong CrankyAsAnOldMan
I loathe Manhattan… SkipMagic
Manhatten ??? CWN
chronos, winkelried, coldfire, manhattan & CO. jally
manhattan a nazi? jjason
manhattan & GQ drug threads neutron star
Manhattan closed my thread Scylla
manhatten closes perfectly reasonable thread zuma
manhattan the madhatter grienspace
Manhattan, A Moment Please? Zenster
is manhattan a nazi? jjason
I think it’s time manhattan “took some time off” Shut Up And Party
manhattan closing GQ threads RainbowDragon
manhattan, wtf? MadHatter
Why did everyone RUSH to back up Manhattan? MadHatter
Bite me gently, Manhattan and Lissener! Eve

Lynn Bodoni 17

Lynn Bodoni, you were right. BUT… Thunder
I’m sorry Lynn reprise
Don’t mess with Lynn Bodoni in the near future Milossarian
Lynn Bodoni: Did I miss something? Du_Hast
Arturo’s open letter to Lynn, et al ArturoBandini
Lynn, please read this one. Monty
Lynn Bodoni, a question. Enderw24
Lynn Bodoni, get in here! Weirddave
Lynn- inor
Lynn Bodoni tramtwo
Lynn Bodoni, where are you? drainthelizard
Lynn Bodoni aha
Lynn Bodini - study wrecker or Sentinel exposed. Sentinel The
Regarding Lynn Bodoni sdimbert
Aww, Lynn… agisofia
Lynn Bodoni Abner Normal
Bodoni Blows It! Satan

UncleBeer 14

Three cheers for UncleBeer! astro
Not really an UncleBeer flame, but… Harald Bluetooth
Hey, UncleBeer, You’re Laughable plnnr
Goddamnit, UncleBeer!!! OpalCat
UncleBeer, I am mildly disturbed by one of your thread closures Dewey Cheatem Undhow
UncleBeer Libertarian
UncleBeer: If you would… Oicu812
Unclebeer WEW
UncleBeer - I’m calling you out. dubbele
Hey UncleBeer, we don’t need your overofficiousness in a time of crisis! Lizard
Hey UncleBeer, explain? relic_11
UncleBeer - What’s your problem? Pit Meister
Thanks A Lot UncleBeer 24KaratGold
The trouble with uncles and beer JoeyBlades

Eutychus 14

Eutychus!!! Q.E.D.
Euty, you ass! Eutychus
Euty, what the hell is wrong with you?!!! Biggirl
Eutychus, what do you mean? SmileyDeath
Eutychus Voodoo thread Scylla
What Crawled Up Eutychus’s Ass? John487
Oh, Mr Eutychus, could you explain why you locked my thread? dropzone
Euty, please reconsider your choice of words Weirddave
Ok Euty, if you insist, I will apoligize… Daemon
Euty, Politcal Correctness, and “gratuitous” samclem
Eutychus55 Gets Pissy Eutychus55
Euty moved my double entendre thread- what a dick inor
Booker57 - Apologize to Euty Anthracite
Euty, the Moderator, is wrong Danielinthewolvesden

alphagene 9

quoting alphagene from “im a ghost” bj0rn
Alphagene can’t take a girl calling him “dork” you da man
Corrected rant - Alphagene complains about the word “dork”, WTF? you da man
Alphagene, Prepare to Be Anti-Ranted! Polycarp
alphagene Danielinthewolvesden
Alphagene: A few points, for the record Mu Mu
Alphagene is new co-mod of the Pit Ed Zotti
I apologize to Alphagene Rysdad
Alphagene: What MPSIMS Chicks can attack him with! Byzantine

David B 7

Buh-bye (or, thank you again, David B) Dragon Ash
David B, I’d like to discuss something with you. Airman Doors, USAF
A question for David B, Gaudere, and MEBuckner KarlGauss
Do you have your cigarettes yet, David? Libertarian
a threat from David B.?? C3
David B. is a sanctimonious, condescending, pompous ass. Majormd
David B. Is A Patronizing Weasel Jodi

Gaudere 7

A question for David B, Gaudere, and MEBuckner KarlGauss
Gaudere, December, prejudice, and the record Abe
Minty green is a hypocrite, and Gaudere was wrong struct
Very well, Gaudere Screwtape
Gaudere, You Ignorant slut kaylasdad99
Gaudere should resign or be replaced. Libertarian
For Gaudere Polycarp

bibliophage 6

Dear Bibliophage… The Great Gazoo
calling bibliophage to the mat k2dave
Hey bibliophage? red_dragon60
bibliophage, what’s the problem with this? Airman Doors, USAF
Please explain yourself Bibliophage. justwannano
The obligatory “DrMatrix and bibliophage are evil scumsucking fascists!” thread RTFirefly

MEBuckner 6

A question for David B, Gaudere, and MEBuckner KarlGauss
MeBuckner–Rules clarification request grienspace
Damn you MEBuckner! rsa
An apology to MEBuckner Libertarian
My apologies to Sweet Willy and MEBuckner zev_steinhardt
MEBUCKNER/ ideal high school/vision jacksen9

Cecil Adams 6

Is Cecil a sea serpent? Libertarian
Cecil Adams: I’m not impressed Libertarian
Why are smarties like Cecil and I such lousy administrators. AcidKid
Cecil??? What is wrong with you? Are you dead? Quisling
Cecil is a FAG, or… SexNazi
What can Cecil do to me? RM Mentock

Czarcasm 5

Czarcasm, a moment of your time please astro
Excuse me Czarcasm, a sec please stuffinb
Harumph to the Czar of Casm! warmgun
Thanks Czarcasm eunoia
When Czarcasm Becomes Invective Libertarian

TubaDiva 5
Confused and chastened by Tubadiva Scylla
Tuba, can you be more specific, please? pldennison
TubaDiva Libertarian
Sorry but, uh Tuba? Democritus
Oh Please, Tuba OpalCat

John Corrado 4

John Corrado, Dont Be Such A Jerk djf750
Dear John Corrado aha
Mr. Corrado… a word please? Feynn
John Corrado, huh? Rysdad

Ukulele Ike 3
Don’t be such a Jerk, Ukulele Ike lee
Ukulele Ike Sucks! Athena
You asked for it, Ukelele Ike. Hamadryad

Arnold Winkelried 3

Arnold, what do I have to do to get an e-mail from you? femtosecond
Arnold’s cute odd little hot button leadingspokesdrinker
Arnold Winkelried is a Nazi Bastard Number Six

Chronos 3

chronos, winkelried, coldfire, manhattan & CO. jally
No Chronos, mp3s aren’t illegal Chas.E
Chronos, you’ve made an ass of yourself. Mr. Cynical

C K Dexter Haven 2

Okay I lied…C K Dexter Haven I have a problem techchick68
C K Dexter Haven is nothin’ but trouble dropzone

DrMatrix 1

The obligatory “DrMatrix and bibliophage are evil scumsucking fascists!” thread RTFirefly

Cajun Man 1

Cajun Man, please consider re-opening this thread or one like it. KidCharlemagne

Nickrz 1

Nickrz - Troll or Moderator HeadlessCow

TVeblen 0

I would suggest starving and prodding with a pointed stick to get TVeblen into shape. You can’t just direct all your anger at family and friends, some of it has to go here.

A lot of those threads are the oh-so-pathetic “fake pittings”, you know.

“Look at me! Look at me! I can play the old, tired joke thread jape too!” :rolleyes:

If you want a true count, you’ll have to go through them and find out how many are serious. And I’d award double points for the truly nasty ones too, if I were you. And five points for that lee - Ike one. Phewee!


Fuck. Forgot this one:

Ed Zotti 7

Question for (gulp)Ed Zotti or a Admin yojimbo
Every poster question…(aka, ed zotti is a moron) st1d
Ed Zotti - if you want some unsolicited advice (and who doesn’t?) Piano
Cease Fire is at hand in the Troll Wars, If ED ZOTTI agrees. troll23094
Mr. Ed Zotti told me to fuck myself for having a . as a name. Goodbye Mr. Z. SCUM! .
Ed Zotti aha
Praise for Ed Zotti Mr Socko


Look, kabbes, I’m not going to try to assess which of them are fake. Often it’s obvious. Euty pits Euty. Coldy pits Coldy.

And some of them obviously aren’t pittings at all: “Alphagene is new co-mod of the Pit” Ed Zotti

The list consists of pit threads about mods/admins/perfect masters.

Learn your history, boy.

Sorry, Mangetout, that was an inappropriate response. Nickrz is an ex-mod.

Plus, not only do those include nonacrimonious threads, it only shows the Pit threads with the moderator name in the title.

As of right now there are 11599 Pit threads. Who wants to take a look at each and every one to get an accurate count?

What? No volunteers?

What do expect from the leisure class?

Holy Heisenberg, Desmostyles, by starting this thread you’ve moved TVeblen from a zero to a one!

Your OP is thus partially invalidated.


I was perfectly aware of that, 2trew, and that was in fact the reason for my putting “TVeblen” in the thread title. :slight_smile:

Oooh, paradox.

By starting the thread, Desmo has made the thread unnecessary, so it shouldn’t have been started but then it was of “value” (sorry for quotation marks, but you know what I mean) and so should be started.



Drat, my ever-so-serious argument, refuted! I’ll get you yet, and your little dog too!

Yowza! And I didn’t even have to start it! (Of course it’s for being a flagrant weenie, but technicalities…)

Now all the other moderaters will have to let me join in their reindeer games!


[sub]::palms a piece of folded paper to Desmostylus:: Thanks, pal. Here’s the twen…uh, name of the dry cleaner I promised ya.[/sub]

TVeblen is a flagrant weenie!!

and we love her for it!

Congrats, Veb, on losing your Pit virginity! :slight_smile:

note, too that the pit count thread for manny is likely to be incorrect, since they didn’t count threads with “manny” in the title.

(I’m pullin’ for ya hun!)

Fair enough.

manhattan 22

Manny, you’re such a popular guy (or, isn’t it about time for another spelling rant?) featherlou
Manny, why was this a bad thread? SuaSponte
Manny sold out to Giuliani! Spider

Closes the gap with Coldfire significantly.

Some of these threads date from before they were Mods. Given that, I’m not terribly surprised Coldfire leads the group. Before he became a Mod he really was an insufferably arrogant jerk. (I started one of the threads listed, under a different name.) But he’s cleaned up considerably. :slight_smile:

A lot of the people who started these threads have been banned, too. Some people just don’t know when to quit. The froth of rightous indignation some people (including myself) have worked themselves into, and the lengths to which they will go, seem almost surreal to me now. Probably because I actually have a life now, complete with a sense of perspective of where this Board fits into the greater scheme of things.