Modern Family 10/27

A so-so episode overall, (nothing really stood out to me) but I gotta say that while I have never really noticed Hailey’s character too much before (I am 40 years old, and am not physically drawn to teenagers in most cases) but Hot Damn, she was certainly NOT looking like any 16 year-old I have met when she was modeling her nurse or kittycat costume!!!

Anyone know how old the actress who plays Hailey actually is?

(and please, you don’t need to tell me what a creep I am—I have been more than glad to focus on Julie Bowen during Modern Family so far, but I am guessing that “Hailey” is at least 20 years old)

19 until November 24th.

Last week’s episode where Cameron talked like an American Indian to the pre-school headmaster was so funny, I hurt myself laughing literally. I reran it several times.

Not that I have anything at all against Julie Bowen, but… um, have you seen Sofia Vergara??

Anyway, I enjoyed the episode, but it was not one of their best. The ending (when the family steps up and performs the haunted house after Claire’s freak-out) was sweet, but otherwise a lot of the episode seemed kind of forced. The Mitchell/Spiderman bit had some comic potential, but devolved into stupid halfway through.

And the neighbors-getting-divorced thing was a lost opportunity. It’s a great concept and worth exploring, but it didn’t work wedged into the over-the-top Halloween episode.

I loved her comment – “I’m Mother Teresa, when she was hot!”

That was probably the best line of the episode.

(I liked the “baby cheeses” and “doggie dog world” bit quite well, but it was pretty standard sitcom stuff)

Claire’s line about the gays taking over her Thanksgiving with thier fad-of-the-month style was also a nice bit, when Cam said something about tandori tofurky…

Bowen > Vergara :slight_smile:

That pop up skeleton had me laughing every time. I guess I’m just simple like that.

I thought the episode was funny. I laughed out loud a few times. I agree that it was a pretty weak episode, otherwise.

I laughed my ass off when Hailey lifted the hood to reveal Cameron’s “severed” head and he was screaming, “I wet my pants! I wet my pants!”

I admit I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old.

What I thought was funny about Cameron’s “severed” head was that every time they lifted the hood on it, he continued that stupid story, right where he left off.

Gloria’s exaggerated American accent made me laugh. Also her idea of the “village bruja”. And the guy who didn’t take out his vampire teeth in Mitchell’s meeting.

Claire was tiresome.

The Gloria stuff had me giggling. “He came out of nowhere and scared the baby Jesus out of me.”

“That’s a lot of complaining from somebody who asked for thirds of our tandoori turkey last year.”

Boy, Mitchell’s boss is an asshole.

“I will give you $10 to put on more clothes.” “I bet that’s the first time you heard that one.” Sheesh between Gloria and Hailey, I’m all aflutter.

“We’re all just hanging by a thread.”

“I’m your mother now!”

I don’t know what a village bruja is supposed to be like, but now that I think about it, I suspect that they aren’t supposed to be so hot.

Bruja means witch in Spanish.

Yes, they said that on the show. That doesn’t tell me how a bruja is generally envisioned.

:dubious: I think your sign is backwards. Should be Bowen < Vergara.

But Bowen in costume was fantastic.

As for “Hailey” - way too small for my tastes, even if she is legal. She is still a girl, not a woman. Granted, she’s about the same age as my daughter and she’s small, which may be coloring my perceptions, but I was thinking the same lines as the parents without getting titillated.

BTW, aside from the relative merits of Julie Bowen vs Sofia Vergara (although I prefer Sofia myself), that was a really elaborate job they did of decorating the house. Do you know anyone who goes to that kind of trouble? And the costumes and make-up was also really elaborate, especially Phil’s. Perhaps there are enough film make-up artists and costume suppliers in L.A. that people can get much better costumes than the rest of the country?

That’s par for television. People’s residences and their holiday arrangements are a lot more elaborate than regular people could afford.

Here ya go, and I agree.

My favorite line:

Claire: “You’re in a house of horrors being held against your will!”
Alex: “Yeah, I know, so why do I need the cage?”

Gloria trying to talk without her accent was hilarious, but so is her accent, in a good sexy way I mean.

Sitcom characters always seem to go all out for Halloween. Check out the elaborate costumes they always wore on the Halloween episodes of Roseanne. I’ll admit that was one thing that kind of bugged me. They were always hurting for money, yet could afford these fancy get ups.