Modern Family 10/9/13

“Sometimes when you read to me, I’ll pretend to fall asleep so you’ll go.”

And with that single line, Lily has redeemed herself as the least funny person on the show, and jumped right to the top. Best line of the season.

The entire final scene at Jay and Gloria’s house was really funny. Especially how everyone kept dropping bird/nest/egg references that upset Phil.

I enjoyed Luke taking a neck pillow and sleep mask to the soccer game, though I wish we could have seen him sleeping in the bench.

They did two things that I thought were going to turn out differently, things that have been cliches in other family sitcoms. When Claire showed up at Luke’s game and Luke was playing well, I thought he’d see his mom and suddenly start messing up. The cliche being that the kid feels too much pressure when parents are watching.

The second cliche that didn’t happen was Pam’s fiance. When Cam said the guy was his first crush, I thought there was gonna be a reveal that Pam’s fiance was gay. Then Cam talks to the guy on the phone and the guy cut the conversation short.

I couldn’t figure out why someone didn’t suggest that Gloria get contact lenses.

“Actually, it’s not a bunch of crows, it’s called a murder.”
“I know what I did.”

“How many people have to pretend to die, Gloria?”

Hey, the gutter cleaning robot actually exists! I know what I’m getting for Christmas.


something something so I can type all caps up there.

I keep getting distracted by how different Luke is this season: his voice changed, and physically he looks very different. Sometimes it feels like they secretly replaced him with another actor.

IMHO that line was kind of mean/over the top. I felt really bad for Cam when she said it. But the two “that’s what my friend said” lines were great, and gave me hope for both the character and the actress.

My impression was that she just needs reading glasses, not all-day correction.

Little kids that age can be brutally honest. Or just brutal.With her past history of snark, it was a perfect line.

I’ve always appreciated how Modern Family rarely goes the cliche route or lets a gag go too long before resolving it.

Loved this episode. Do they have different main writers for certain episodes, like on the Office? Some episodes just work so much better than others. Last week’s was a pale imitation of how great this show can be. Glad to see they’re back on their game.

I consistently say that Lily is the funniest character on the whole show.

Either way she still has a good 10-15 yrs before people start paying attention to her eyes.

Eyes? She’s got eyes?

“I can’t hear her.”
“And I can’t see him”

Both, “We’ll be together forever!”

I enjoyed Jay owning Alex regarding Words with Friends.

Farm Strong!!

Yeah, I liked that! Funny!

I thought they were going to make it that her fiance really was in it for her drilling rights, so I was very glad they didn’t go there.

I loved when she and Mitch were in the bathroom with him trying to impress upon him that his emotionality also makes him the person most likely to be happy for you.

Mitch: And when I got my adult braces off
Cam: Oh, your teeth looked divi…oh.

I could watch Lily all day long. Lilly and Luke. Great characters.

Just watching reruns of Modern Family. Phil and Luke are fantasizing about what might be in a trunk in the attic and what they’d do with the treasure money. Phil says he wants to get a robotic gutter cleaner!

Lilly was still a baby- this was an old one!