Modern Family 5/11

Gloria: “I like to sleep next to a man who is generous and giving, Jay.
That man doesn’t have to be you.”

What exactly was good about Luke’s report card?

He didn’t lose it?

Cam: “You’re still blinkin’, sweetie.”

You poked the bear girls! You poked him!

Humorously accurate, too. My wife generally handles the discipline with our daughter. However, when I have to do it for whatever reason I’m always a lot harder on her.

God, don’t let me be Phil!


I loved “tough dad” Phil!

And “fun mom” Claire was equally hilarious!

If I got to sleep with Claire, I’d be Phil.

Ty Burrell is a genius of phyiscal comedy and timing… His gagging after the hairball was perfect.

I like when the dog peed and Gloria yelled out “GIVE HER A BAD DOGGIE TREAT”

Loved everything, right down to Guillermo’s mullet.

“How’s Cam when you’re sick?”
" . . . okay."

“-and you blow his nose for him”