Modern Family, February 13, 2013 -- "Heart Broken"

So, what did everyone think of last night’s episode?

Strange episode with the way they did each story as it’s own contained vignette. Some good laughs (Clyde Bixby will never not make me laugh) but also some weird moments.

I wasn’t sure why Jay was purposefully sabotaging time with Gloria at the end there, he seemed pretty into the idea earlier in the story but at the end he was telling Manny to come in and interrupt. What did I miss there?

Yeah, we wondered about the “Come back in X seconds” too. No clue.

While I like Cam and Mitchell, that was too much of any one subplot. Overall, it kinda had me off a bit. I’ll have to rewatch and see if it improves.

Probably Gloria had tired him out, and he didn’t want to admit it.

My favorite line, Cam to Mitchell: “Well, you’ve made your bed, now you can lie in it. No, don’t lie there I just made it.” The song Dylan wrote to thank them for letting him stay was funny, too.

I may have missed something, why again did Cam invite Dylan to be their houseboy again? Was it just cause he was drunk, that Dylan’s really hot, or both?

Oh yeah, Dylan coming in and out with raised arm saying “Not looking… not looking.”

That’s how I read it. It allowed him to save his energy and his pride.

Cam as a Clive Bixby variant was hysterical.

“OH MY GOD! Mom’s heart exploded!”

Nice that they remembered Haley faints at the sight of blood; it was previously used in the hospital episode.

Ok *that *was really funny.

So was I the only one who thought it a bit… *noticeable *how Claire & Phil’s storyline revolved around sex and them making out on the bed, and Gloria & Jay’s storyline revolved around sex and them making out on the bed, and Cam & Mitchell’s storyline revolved around… Dylan and Christmas decorations? :dubious:

As mentioned, apparently Jay and Gloria had gotten some private time together already, but Jay was worn out. When he went into the bedroom, Gloria says, “I’m not finished with you yet!” (Apparently all the sexy things he’d done during the day REALLY got her motor running :cool:)

Wasn’t it Alex? I thought I saw Haley standing there when Claire went by saying, “Revive your sister.”

It seemed more like three distinct shows, clumsily crammed together into one episode . . . like the writers just couldn’t tie it all together.

And once again: I hate all the kids.

Love the show, but…

worst episode ever.

(I will try to watch again and post a retraction if I change my mind.)

Could have been. I get which is which confused.

No, I thought of it. They are definitely prudish about showing even PG physical intimacy twixt Cam and Mitch; it’s rare you see them even hug.


Manny: “She said wear a hat with a feather in it, and I was like, which one?”

Cam looks really butch when his hair is toussled.

When Jay is coming up the stairs at the end of the show, before Manny appears at the top gate to say “Hey Jay lemme tell you about my party…”, Jay is clearly moaning and groaning as he ascends the stairs, and says “Oh god…” when Gloria calls to him.

It seemed to me they did it on purpose. Three separate Valentines Day vignettes, instead of a single story.

When Lily said to Jay & Gloria “Are you kissing? My Daddies kiss ALL the time!” I realized we’ve never seen them kiss each other.

And Lily’s “You’re a grown up! You can’t live here!” speech to Dylan was the best part of the episode.

They put up a title card indicating it was the next day, so Jay presumably spent all night in the sack with Gloria. I think that would wear out any man.

Give me Claire in a figure skating outfit over Gloria in whatever, any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Please.

It’s funny, Happy Gilmore was on TV the other day and it stars a young Julie Bowen as Gilmore’s love interest. Besides the obvious fashion differences, it’s remarkable how much better looking Bowen is now.Here’s a pic. I mean, she was still cute as hell in this movie - and I fell in love with her when she played Carol Vessey on “Ed”- but she’s aged very very well.

We did once. It had been getting mentioned on the internet for the week or so before hand, but if you didn’t know about it and weren’t watching for it, you probably wouldn’t have noticed it. It was in the background of the main scene and very quick.
Christmas episode maybe?