Modern Family, February 16, 2011 -- "Princess Party"

No, Eric Stonestreet, (“Cam”) is straight, and has kind of gone out of his way to mention that fact virtually every time I have seen him on an interview or other talk-show appearance.
That said, there were several great one-liners this episode, and I also thought that the “Hailey’s weddings” bit was perfect, but I honestly thought that I would be the ONLY single person in America to catch it, but I am obviously giving myself much too much credit, and also forgetting exactly how bright the Dopers are…:slight_smile:

I loved the look of annoyance on Jay when Sophia, all whacked on Xanax, stumbled over and started bouncing a balloon on his face.

Ahhh I guess that’s why it seems forced and over-the-top. You’d think with all the fine gay actors out there they could have found just one more. I liked his character at first but lately it seems like he’s just hitting every single stereotype.

I knew that Shelly Long had been on before, but I didn’t recognize her in this episode. I honestly thought they had gotten someone else to play the mom at first.

The stereotype is written into the dialog. If he didn’t act it out, the dialog wouldn’t make much sense. I think he keeps it within reason, but just barely. One of them has to be more flamboyant than the other for their characters to stand apart from each other.

I wasn’t thinking of his character so much as how they act together. They don’t play off one another so much to me. They don’t seem like a long term couple at all just based on how they connect. It seems forced. But yeah I can see that he’s supposed to be the flamer, because every gay couple must have at least one. I’m sure if they introduce a lesbian couple one will surely be a butch lumberjack.

She appeared swollen to me.