Modern Family, February 16, 2011 -- "Princess Party"

So, what did everyone think of last night’s episode?

Painfully hilarious. Even though you could see most of the gags coming a mile away (Nana Dede and Robbie making out, Jay’s complaints making it onto the record-your-own-story book), I laughed out loud several times. I also like how similar they’re making teenage Claire & Haley, down to their boyfriends who fantasize about threesomes with mom.

Cam’s unfortunately become a caricature of himself though. They’re really having a tough time working them into the main plotlines this season.

“God, I was praying for dyslexia.”

We thought it was one of the more hilarious ones we’ve seen.

“You’ve made a little girl very happy.” Ha!

It took me a sec to recognize Shelly Long. The voice did it.

I wasn’t sure if I heard this right because Gloria can be hard to understand with that exaggerated accent, but when she was talking about all of the family events that she would be excluded from, I thought she said “All of Haley’s weddings.”

She did. That was one of the best lines of the night.

She was in a first season episode, which IIRC, also ended with her wrestling with Gloria.

Phil: “I’ll get Gloria!”

What I think made it so funny was “[something something] Alex’s graduations and all of Haley’s weddings.”

I don’t think her accent is exaggerated- pretty sure that’s the way Sofia Vergara speaks.

And I was very surprised to see Shelly Long with tits. There was nothing there back in her Cheers days.

I think there’s something on the set that makes them grow.

I liked Jay complaining how ridiculous DeDe looked going with a man half her age then telling everyone to shut up when Phil, Claire, and Gloria just stared at him.

Why did Shelly Long have that scarf so tight around her neck?

I thought it was terrible. Cliché standard laugh track sitcom material. I used to like the first season a lot, but I couldn’t even finish this.

I loved that episode, especially the footage of her at Jay’s wedding to Gloria, who said something like “At my first wedding back in Colombia, the judge and a groomsmen were killed by driveby shooting from a cocaine cartel. I thought nothing could be worse, but Dede proved me wrong.” Dede attacked her in that episode while apologizing to her.

The highlight of this episode for me and my couch buddies was Phil’s use of the “air quotes”. The greatest use of them ever:

Last night when we “shared” that bottle of wine and then you “went to sleep” on the stairs.

I rewatched it 5 times just to watch the looks of understanding for all the people around them.

Hey, you still like rollercoasters?

Not this one.

Maybe it’s about what their body wants, what their passion wants.

Dad, seriously, can you deal with Cheech and Chong.

An unforgivable waste of Kristin Chenoweth though.

And cue gasp…

I like both actors, but does anybody else think there’s a lack of chemistry between Cam and Mitchell?

My bad: I thought Kristin Chenoweth played the Princess. It’s Kate Reinders, a Kristin Chenoweth-ish type.

I thought it was Chenoweth at first too, but she has about 20 years on Kate.

“Alex’s graduation, and all of Haley’s weddings.” Makes it even funnier.

They look uncomfortable every time they get close and especially those horrible peck kisses. It’s like two straight men playing gay and failing, but aren’t both actors gay?

I always love this show, flaws and all, but I really dislike Shelly Long so that put a damper on things.

The big guy is straight, the redhead is gay.