Modern Family, January 22, 2014 -- "Three Dinners"

What did you everyone think of last night’s episode?

Boring. The whole thing with Haley is getting tired. She’s an airhead, yet suddenly she has a fashion blog and people want to know where she shops and she’s making money? And she doesn’t talk to her parents? Nope. However, Cam continues to amuse. The Shorty/Phil storyline was meh.

The whole bit with the phone and replaying the exactly wrong bits of the woman’s response was pretty hilarious. “Devil phone!”

The Haley thing, well … there has never been any reason to see that blog/fashion/ambition out of her. Never. Came right out of the blue. And yet, to see her being the grown-up at the end of the meal and helping to get her parents home, that was kind of cute.

And we can always use more of sloppy-drunk Julie Bowen. What Clive Bixby could have done with that …

I agree the Haley as entrepreneur came out of the blue, but we’ve rarely seen her with her friends, just family and Dylan, so we don’t really know what she does in her off time, how she’s perceived outside the family. So I bought it.

I liked Mitch and Cam glowing at each other.

Liked Jay’s line, “That’s the one thing you can’t make sexy.”

I could buy Haley’s storyline. Yes, she’s an airhead, but I thought they made it clear that she’s not an idiot and she does have fashion sense. So it was plausible to me. But I didn’t buy the problems Cam had with the phone playing back the couple’s conversation.

I thought it really awesome episode. Lot’s of good one liners- and the set up with the waiter was just great with the true payoff coming from Haley. “I’ve been drinking with Grandpa for years because he thinks I’m really funny when I’m buzzed.” Even after the drug jokes.

The food-sharing back and forth was spot on, but that may just be because after 15 years of marriage, my wife and I are still waging that battle (although, I grew up in a large family and am NOT the sharer which I think is the more common position in large family people).

Missed the edit window. I meant Shorty/Jay, not Phil.

Did you catch him almost taking a sip out of his candle instead of his wine glass after that.

I love the reunion of Chazz Palminteri and Jennifer Tilly (Bullets Over Broadway); I somehow missed it the first time they were together in an episode.

While it wasn’t all over the course of a dinner, I’ve had similar pep-talks with friends who were on-again/off-again in their break-ups and engagements, from the “That’s great… so glad to hear you guys are going to make it official…” to "Really, you’re better without her/him… " only to have them get back together disastrously.

Is Haley 21? The closing bumper was great.

The lady returning and accepting his proposal?

I laughed.

I thought it was pretty mediocre for this series.

The Claire, Phil, Haley part was the best for me. I could buy a young person hanging around in their room at 2 AM, blogging about something they are passionate about and having it take off.
There is a commercial right now that features a young gal about Haley’s age that started a blog or YT channel about makeup and it took off.

The waiter that P&C were encouraging Haley to get to know invites them all over to get high and watch TV!

The line about Haley drinking with Grampa was funny too.

I think she’s only 19 or 20.

That Phil and Claire are bad parents trying to illegally supply their underage daughter with alcohol. Not that the restaurant is much better, seeing as they should have carded her. No, she didn’t drink any, but she got served, just her parents drank hers.

In many states it’s perfectly legal for a minor to drink with their parents. In some states it get’s a little tricky if the kid is over 18 but under 21 since they’re an adult, but most bars/restaurants will still serve them.

ETA, it appears California doesn’t do this.

According to thisWikipedia page on Modern Family, Haley was 15 in season one so can’t be 21 yet by my calculations. Last nights show sure seemed to treat her as being old enough to drink so maybe it’s a continuity error.


On the other hand, Lily went from infant to about three over a summer, so maybe the rest of the cast did likewise.

Damn, guess I’ll have to tell my mom and dad they were bad parents - I mean, I turned out fine, but they did allow me to drink before I was 21 - even bought beer for a New Year’s Eve party when I was 18, on the condition that everybody spend the night and not drive. I’m sure they’ll be crestfallen.