Modern Family, Season 4, ep 6, "Yard Sale" Oct. 31, 2012

  1. Why did they show the Halloween episode last week instead of, you know, on Halloween?

  2. Gloria’s dummy is not Jay. It’s Hector “Tio” Salamanca from Breaking Bad

Loved the exchange between Jay and the $10K watch person who wanted the 50cent ashtray for 35 cents. That is so typical at a garage sale. No matter how cheap it is people don’t feel it’s really a deal unless they can get it for less than you’re asking.

Gloria was great w/grouchy guy. Great material. Didn’t get the joke about Basic Instinct though.

Agree about the Halloween episode. Should have aired tonight.

Basically, it stinks.

Just wordplay.

I had precisely the same thought.

Jay, as always was great. Sitting in his throne watching the yard sale in disgust. And they did nail exactly what happens at yard sales.

“What’s your return policy?”

“If you return, I’ll call the police.”

But the best exchange of the night had to be:

Alex: “You didn’t have to bring out the big gay guns! No offense.”

Mitch: “None taken.”

Cam: “I kind of liked it.”

So many one liners! I didn’t stop laughing once!!

“OMG she married her puppet!!”

I admit that I didn’t see that coming.

Mitchell: “At least with a gay kid, you know she’s gonna get a great flower arrangement. You should’ve seen the one I made Annabelle. Arranged it myself. It was gorgeous… until she pulled it apart and spelled ‘homo’ on my porch.”

Phil (trapped under the motorcycle): “I gotta get my leg free. Why didn’t I wear my shannnnnttttssss?!!!?”

My favorite was Cam and Mitch trying to convince Claire that the boyfriend might not necessarily be gay, until he passed by and said, “Hello”. “He’s gay.”

Also, “…I’m still drunk…ing my coffee.”

And Jay and the dummy were even dressed alike w/ the red shirt and khaki pants.

I love how Haley talks/yells at everyone on the laptop they carry around. It’s almost like she’s there. The signed poster was hilarious. “But he signed it ‘To Haley’.” “Did you notice it was written in a different color?”

All the stories of Cam’s old girlfriends, so funny. Mitchell obviously not believing him at all.

MITCHELL: I kissed a lot of girls when I wanted to be straight. And your Uncle Cam did too [sub]he says[/sub] but that’s neither here nor there.

“I just saw Alex and her boyfriend sitting in a tree. Do I have to spell it out for you?!”

“There’s even been a little under the shirt action…and [his chest] was so smooth”

and Luke’s
“One of these times, I’ll be right!” in defending his human head guess, just had me rolling. I also like how we get the aside comments from Luke that discuss how he is playing everyone about being stupid and naive and using that to manipulate social situations like Manny losing respect for Gloria in order to see the ventriloquist act.

Claire: It was your dad.
Haley: But… eewwww… he wrote “Your body is a wonderland”!
Claire: Yeah, I didn’t notice that 'til later.

Yeah, what was the one he mentioned at the dry cleaner’s? Wendy Jo Martinizer? :smiley:

Are you selling the pot-bellied pig?

I heard “big gay gods, no offense” which made sense (to me) when Mitch and Cam said something along the lines of None Taken/I kinda like it.

Definitely “guns”-I just rewatched it. Obviously a take on “bring out the big guns”.