Modern Family, "Virgin Territory," Feb. 22, 2012 - Season 3, episode 16

I hate to say it but overall I thought it was one of the weaker episodes. Still better than any other sitcom but weak by Modern Family standards. My biggest complaint was about Cam’s storyline. It wasn’t very funny and it made Cam boring.

“Haley’s aversion” however was classic.

This last episode was a real good one. Every character was involved in a subplot that was meaty. They all had good lines or scenes and every actor delivered superbly. The whole episode was like a carefully orchestrated play. How they got so much funny content into a mere 21 minutes was truly impressive. I guess that’s why the show has gotten its many awards. And I really hope that Ed O’Neill gets his Emmy because he’s the glue that holds the show together. Besides he gave me a lot of laughs when he was Al Bundy!

definitely. the writing is 8 different shades of impressive.

I loved it when Mitch spilled the beans about Jay’s hole in one, to his club cronies. Entirely predictable, but superbly written and played. I wanted to reach into the tv and put my hand over his mouth.

That’s one of the things I love about this show. Totally predictable gags - like “Haley’s aversion” or Cam stepping into the kitchen drawer - that are still hilarious.

My friend, Andre, and his wife, took their 8 year old daughter there recently…He said the best part of the day was when they sat down at the restaurant, and he saw they had BEER on the menu, it was his salvation!

I was one of those fathers about a month ago. Actually, I loved seeing how my girls were totally and completely enraptured by the whole experience; it was like they were in DisneyWorld. But there was no way in hell I was going to wait in line for the salon and then spend $25 each to get their dolls’ hair styled. And yes, there was a doll hospital on premises.

I love how Mitchell and Cam discussed how they’d already covered their deductible for the doll for the year.

As soon as they showed Claire shooting, it was fairly obvious that Gloria was going to show her up, but it was still funny, how it was a single heart shot, and then she had a line about doing it with pretty nails.

That’s a relief. I feel better about finding her attractive.

This show more than any one that I watch is weird to me because I see the jokes and situations coming an absolute mile away, yet I’ll still laugh at them.

Only opinion I have on this episode is that I didn’t like the subject matter cuz I’m opinionated when it comes to underage/of-age-but-still-too-young sex…but oh well.

They put a spin on it and it’s so well acted. You might see Gloria having a “WTF?” reaction to hospital insurance for a doll but you’re not expecting the “apple on a fork” line. Or Luke and Manny joyriding might be foreseeable but when it happens it’s so much funnier. “Bad boys…”.

I think the whole point of the show was showing how one dad, who was written to share your opinion (e.g. his slip up about waiting until the doll was married), chose to react when he found out his daughter was not a virgin anymore. He was hurt and shocked, but at the end of the day, he loved her and didn’t want to alienate her.

I loved the story line about Phil coming to terms with his daughter losing her virginity, and I always like Ed O’Neill. But why the stupid cliche’d storyline with Cam looking for his goddam tupperware? You can see from a mile away what’s going to happen, and I don’t get what’s so funny about showing cringeworthy embarrassing things happen to characters in a sitcom.