Monday is Caveman Day!

I hope am correct in saying that the Caveman Show (or whatever it is called) premiers on American television on Monday. Tape it! Tivo it! Cherish it. This turkey will not fly for long and in later years you can claim with quiet pride that you actually saw it.

I hope for complete reviews to be posted here.

Actually, according to the Comcast onscreen guide, it premieres Tuesday at 8pm.

Yeah, but I am in the Eastern Hemisphere, so you have to allow for the Corelolis Effect.

Tuesday at 8pm. Got it.

I’m looking forward to it.

When I read the title of this thread, I was going to say, “Okay, that’s really offensive,” but then I saw it was about those cavemen who already are offended by stereotypes. Although seeing as GEICO now has a (funny) ad with Fred Flintstone in it, I don’t know if they’re really stopping the stereotyping.

Oh, good. I thought I had missed it. Now I can watch and see if they eat a gecko.

I’m so hoping one of them does.

I would rather get anally-raped with a cattle prode than watch this show.

Thanks, Paul.

You’re welcome.

How is “Caveman Day” offensive?

It is sexist language. You should have said, “Caveperson Day”.

Every reviewer who has seen the show says it sucks big time. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time a truly stupid show that is hated by reviewers becomes a hit and runs for years.

A part of me wants to watch a few minutes of this train wreck, just to use it for future reference (I actually did see episodes of My Mother The Car way back when) - but a part of me doesn’t want to waste time better spent watching the canned goods in the pantry.

If they wanted to make a TV show out of a commercial, I can think of better choices. How about:

Gold’s Fool– in which the snooty woman from the Monex “may never be a better time to buy gold” ad has to deal with a rebellious daughter who marries a goofy unkempt guy who just happens to have found gold on his property and is suddenly rich. Hijinx follows.

or perhaps:

Murder, He Snored– A detective who has lost the power to sleep solves crimes with the help of Abe Lincoln, a hedgehog, and a silent deep sea-diver.

Heck, there might even be potential for a show featuring that newspaper-reading couple who worry about “P.I.D”…

double post :smack:

From the digital cable synopsis: “Three neanderthal pals struggle to fit into their modern suburban community. First up: Joel tries to keep his homo-sapien girlfriend a secret”

I smell Emmy!

From the show’s Wikipedia entry:

What is the name of the show? (I know, I could look it up, but still.)

This could be the Richard Prior Show of our generation.

That would actually be pure awesome.
Oh, and it’s a beaver, not a hedgehog.

Beats the Hell out of Medium, anyway: Abe washes his hair. :slight_smile:

Still better than the Cavemen concept:

Harmonic Convergence: Game Show. One single man (or woman) and 100 members of the opposite sex search for love. Each answer to the Levels of Compatability Profile that differs from the main contestant eliminates a potential mate until there is only one left. They win a dream vacation together.

Nightmare House: Horror. They thought it was his wife’s dream home. The furniture and cabinets were so much cheaper. Retailers didn’t weant them to know. But each piece held a haunted history…Direct all right. Directly from Hell!!!

Before I read your OP, I assumed Caveman Day was a day where you dressed and acted like a stereotypical caveman. This TV show is based on a series of commercials for an American insurance company called GEICO where a group of cavemen who live today and act like regular people do are offended by the ad claim “opening an account online is so easy, even a caveman can do it,” assuming that cavemen are of limited intelligence and unable to use computers. Thus, I assumed a “Caveman Day” would reinforce similar negative stereotypes.

No, no. It is. Where’s your bone and fur wrap?