Monday The 13th - The MMP

'splain please?

taters I can’t remember if you’ve said (sorry), but have you been tested for COVID? I hope you feel better soon.

talky I hope your daughter doesn’t have any issues. Good for you for being so proactive about it. I don’t think parents always realize how awful kids can be to each other.

I need to run, so I’ll finish reading in a bit. Pixel had a seizure last night, which is probably tied to the kidney failure. I’m off to pick up a prescription for him. Poor little guy.

A Wisconsin Old Fashioned is a mutant concoction of Korbel brandy and half the fruit aisle at Piggly Wiggly.

I don’t have children but my three sisters made up for me, so I’ve been around toddlers in the past. One such toddler didn’t seem to want to be potty trained either so one day I made a fancy pillow for her chair. I used sequins and beads and lace and all the fancy stuff I could fit and used shiny gold beads to trace out her name. She watched me making it and helped me choose which color lace should go where.

When we were done I once again reminded her that her pillow couldn’t be washed because of all the lace and stuff, then gave it to her. She loved her pillow and used it all the time. She never peed on it, which impressed my sister so much that she bought super fancy bedding for my niece while impressing the importance of not peeing on it because then it would have to be washed and ruined. Niece stopped wetting the bed and the rest of the potty training went in the blink of an eye.

I don’t know if this would work for Roxy but its worth thinking about.

Poor Pixel :frowning: Kidney failure in pets is horrible.

I am intrigued!

No elevenses?!

I have a few of different lengths. This one looks intriguing. I’m sure that I need another!

I have returned from prescription fetching. He needs to start eating kidney food, which apparently tastes horrid to every dog. I picked up several kinds and hopefully he’ll eat one of them. If not, I’m considering whether I can makes something at home that might be work.

Tonight shall be schnitzel or The Habit. Right now The Habit is in the lead.

Happy Toesday everyone.


Nothing wrong with eye candy shoe, although, you’re wise to keep it professional at irk.

nut, you’ll be used to reaching everything for your housemates, I’ll bet. :stuck_out_tongue:

nellie, I am commiserating with the itchies. We’re close enough to the lake here that the skeeters just about eat me alive when I walk Nelson unless I wear bug dope.

Irked, came home, walked Nelson and et. Now it’s chillage.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Oh, no, I loathe work drama misred I ain’t gonna stir up more.

But with that in mind …

Found out today that someone else I work with has a crush on me. So it’s OtherDude - > Me - > AbsurdlyYoungCutiePie. I’m not gonna act on either one, but I think it’s hilarious that I’m in a position to potentially create so. much. drama, and I kinda sorta wish I could tell the main boss, “Gimme raise or I can cause a world of shit for you.”

I wouldn’t, of course (cuz I’m nice too, dammit!) but it makes for a fun daydream.

Howdy Y’all! The strange HVAC invoice has turned into a mystery. Even the HVAC folks are a bit confused. I think it is supposed to be an invoice for the amount of the yearly HVAC maintenance contract. I want to bid this out just to ensure we get the best price. Also I believe this was all contrived to cause me aggravation. It is the work of TVCTPMO!*

Talky your daughter definitely did the right thing, so good for her. Middle School/Junior High (it was Junior High back in my day) is hellish. I hated every single day of junior high. To this day should I drive by my old junior high (no longer a junior high, but part of the local college now) whilst visitin’ Ye Olde Hometowne I tell it how much I hated bein’ there.

MOOOOOOM classy foot stool. Then again, anything from the Dollah Genrul is all class.

shoe you are the work vixen! Relish your role!

nellie hope the itchies are less today.

taters hope you’re feelin’ better now.

sunny hope Pixel is better today, poor baby!

*The Vast Conspiracy To Piss Me Off, for those of you not in the know.

Someone from the bariatric center actually called me today, to make sure my message from a week ago had been returned. She didn’t think my insurance approval request had been submitted yet, but — again — said it should be submitted today. She promised she’d find out for sure and let me know, but she did not. :frowning: So, tomorrow I’ll go back to my plan of contacting the patient coordinator. On the whole, I’m super happy with this center. I believe they are trying, and I do appreciate that someone (finally) reached out to me, but I just need to know that the approval wheels are definitely in motion.

In other news, Verizon is crediting me $20 for my 56-hour service outage. The wasp nest wasn’t their fault, so I’m pleasantly surprised. :smiley:

For some reason I haven’t been interested in Real Food today. Lunch was Cheerios, peanut butter, and a protein shake; dinner was oatmeal, and I’m about to have some sugar free pudding. I have meatloaf and beef tips in the fridge, pierogies in the freezer, and soup in the pantry, but I just wasn’t interested in any of it. Maybe subconsciously I’m aware of the glutton feast that shall be this weekend and I’m conserving. :wink:

Nah: I don’t have a date yet, so there’s nothing to postpone. :slight_smile: Once the bariatric center gets the approval they will call me with a surgery date, and we’ll work backwards from that to schedule my pre-op appointment with the surgeon and determine the start date of my 2-week liquid diet. I’m hopeful for surgery sometime in mid-to-late October…we’ll see.

Thanks for the crossed fingers!

Hey, I’ve heard of Yakima! I have good friends who live about 40 miles north of Yakima (in Ellensburg); that’s where one of the regional airports is. :slight_smile:

Dang, I’ve apparently been neglecting all of you. My apologies!

To summarize the day - FCD did his exercises, so we went to DQ. He took a nap, and I watched the second episode of a documentary on ancient Britain - like back when it wasn’t an island and all that! I’ve been crocheting squares for a pink-and-burgundy afghan. Neither of us really wanted supper, so we had an amish 'mater and some cuke salad. I went out and looked at my 'maters, and pretty much all of them have been attacked by bugs. Dammit. I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll just tear out my veggie patch for the year.

I’ve been thinking about starting more 'maters and trying to keep them going in the greenhouse over the winter, but I have to come up with a way to heat it and run a grow light out there. Still thinking that out.

Daughter has to go on insulin for her gestational diabetes - her copay is $94!!! Holy crap - how do diabetics afford insulin?? Especially if they don’t have insurance. Dang.

Nothing else exciting going on here. I’m going to had back to bed pretty soon because FCD has therapy at 7:30 tomorrow, so we have to get out of the house a bit after 7. What a pain!!

I hope pain doesn’t actually happen :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

Many do without or only use partial doses, much to the detriment of their health and quality of life. I think it’s a crime that big pharma is getting away with this. There’s a reason so many people smuggle in from Canada.

Brought home a few wings and a couple of chicken tacos. Have eaten half of that, plus nibbled on some cheese.

Litter box is scooped (overdue - sorry, kitties!) and the rats got some bran cereal plus a bit of oatmeal.

Outside it’s in the 60s and not too humid, so it’s another “open windows” night. Matter of fact, my tired old ass is going to bed.

G’night, y’all.

Evening all. Soccer got practiced, we finished about 7pm and the rain came about 8pm, so that worked out well. Kids are frustrating, my assistant coach and I work hard in developing their skills and knowledge, then when we scrimmaged with another team they looked like they had forgotten everything…life with a group of 10-11 year olds…

Otherwise things are good, mailed off the internet bill so everything except for credit cards and gas are taken care of for the month. Will check the bank statements tomorrow to see if the annuities have deposited as normal.

Oopsie, you are more patient than I would be in your situation; but hooray for Verizon.

Maybe you’re pregnant? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :wink:

swampy, everything is contrived to cause aggravation; it is a fundamental law of the universe (or oughta be).

Sunny, best wishes for Pixel.

boofae, that’s the price we pay for enjoying ourselves; having to go back to work and face…oh wait, I’m retired… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Being nearly 6’2" I can usually make it to the top shelf, but have a little 2-step ladder just in case.

OK, dinner is quietly assimilating in my belly and it sounds like the rain has stopped, so all is good. All y’all have a good night/good morning.

do you work at a dickeys bbq place? only place I know that has bbq and tacos … in fact they male a bbq brisket taco as well as a chicken …

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

: crosses fingers for Oopsie :

: heaves a trout full of Sri Lankan spiders southwestward :

: thinks anti itching thoughts at nellie :

Okay, I just had to go read that old thread, because I’ve known that song (more or less) since almost forever. Here are the lyrics from one of the lyric sites:

Pintame de colores porque me llaman Superman

And the entire song is on several YouTube pages. Here’s one:

Hey there everybody! It seems there are more new faces than those I recognize, so I will be the stranger in town. Again. lol, Hi new people!

Life here continues to be . . . interesting. Our little Rosebud turned one in August, and what a delight she is! Daisy and Irish are the best first time parents ever, too.

Last summer, I got a mama Pom and a puppy from her last litter. The mama Pom, Sparrow, is an AKC Confirmation Champion and has had most of her progeny have finished their Championships too. Caoimhe, my girl pup, is growing up quite nicely, and last week her breeder came by to see how she is coming along, along with the woman who owns a wee little orange male we are thinking about putting her with when the time is right. I would be so over the moon if I had a pup get its Championship!

I have a bad tooth, and I am so fed up with dental stuff, I am ready to just have them all pulled. On a more exciting note, my doc is certain that what is wrong with my arm is a torn bicep tendon. Mere words cannot express how delighted I am with this bit of news. I go to the hospital tomorrow for x-rays. rawr!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Cool Kids, and I will try to get back this week.

Yup, that’s my current irk.

Remember what I said about jinxing my sleep? Yep. Been up since 2. And I’m going to lay a fair share on FCD - he’s decided to cut back on some of his pain meds to “save” them in case he needs them “later.” For this, I blame his mother - the woman refuses to take meds as directed by her doc so she can stockpile her own mini-pharmacy and self-prescribe as desired. But I digress…

Since he didn’t take all his pain meds yesterday, he was in lots of pain last night. When he finally wakes up, he’s going to get such a talking-to!!! :angry:

Welcome back. Now, please explain this whole Championship thing to me. Well, maybe not the whole, but the gist, if you don’t mind. Bummer about the tooth and bicep - sucks when the parts get out of warranty, don’t it? :wink: With me it’s eyes and fumbly fingers.

Plan for today - PT at 7:30, and while he’s being abused, I’m going to pop down the other end of the shopping center to Food Lion for a few things. Then depending on the weather, I’ll either pull more weeds or stay inside and do a little sewing. And since my daughter has a meeting after work, I get to pick up Roxy at 3. Somewhere in there, I’ll inventory the freezer and decide what we’re having for supper. So lots of fun ahead.

Happy Wednesday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 71 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 82 and lots o’ rain beginnin’ this afternoon. We shall lay in provisions and I must needs attend to some church janitor Junior Warden duties over to the church house. Sup shall be salmon patties, peas, smashed N.O.T., and bizkits just cause.

{{{Wiki}}} :: tacklehug :: but kinda gentle cause of the torn tendon. Yay for the pommies and little Rosebud! I think poms are cute even if they look like hairballs with teeth.

I want a beef brisket taco!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, alas, alack and oh so much bother, I suppose I must needs purtify and don appropriate bein’ about the public attire. Why must life be so difficult!

Happy Hump Day Y’all!