Monday The 13th - The MMP

Garfield’s least favorite Monday. Although I’m not sure why a cat would dread Mondays in general. Anyways, don’t eat lasagna alone in a summer camp, and hijack away.

Morning. First, for once!

Moving day is here, car loading is slowly progressing- it’s street parking only round here, and I’ve had to park some way away, which is slowing things down a bit. The fact that I’m clearly messing around online is also slowing things down…

I think I need to make one last trip to my friend’s garage on the way, to drop off the last few bits luckily it’s not much of a detour. I think I should be there by 4pm, so long as nothing major goes wrong. Fingers crossed I get to live with nice people who don’t make me feel like I should be drawing a pension any day now!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 67 Amurrkin out and clear (moony?) with a predicted high of 91 and N.O.S. for the day. Cleanin’ lady comes this mornin’ to spiff da cave. That is today’s big item. Other than that we work on our sloth skills. Sup shall be sketties ‘n meatballs, sallit, and garlic bread due to a gnawin’ and a cravin’ on my part. I took the skettie sauce ‘n meatballs outta da freezer, so they just need to be heated up, leavin’ only noodles and bread to be actually cooked. A sloth sup!

Nuts hope movin’ day continues to be relatively smooth. You could keep hard candy in your purse and hand it out. Then they won’t think you are old at all!

doggio thanks for the start off. Hope heavin’ was not too bad today.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

doggio - glad you started things today. Last night, I had a fascinating topic all ready to go, but for the life of me, I don’t remember what it was. Maybe I need to gnaw on a jellyfish… (obscure reference to an annoying snake oil commercial…)

As for the title, I still go with Pogo’s running bit “Friday the 13th came on Monday this month!!” :rofl:

Had a fairly decent night, for all that I was falling asleep in my recliner, once I got in bed, I was wide awake. But I think I was asleep before midnight, and I woke just before the 5AM alarm because FCD woke up. So I told him to take his meds, then I tried to fall back to sleep for a bit. HAH!

PT at 12:30 today, and I need to make a list of what I want to ask the therapist. Then around 2, I have to head down to my daughter’s house. I’m going to take the little picnic table and set it up before I go fetch Roxy at school.

Her potty training is not progressing at all. Daughter said yesterday when she came home from visiting her other grandmother, she sat on the floor and peed. And she continues to poop her pants. It’s like some sort of toddler power play! How does one reason with a toddler?? On top of that, several of her friends have commented that when their second child was born, the first one regressed with potty training. eeeeesh…

And it’s another exciting day ahead. Hot, humid, and no sign of mysterious strangers leaving baskets of money on my porch. How shall I go on???

Happy Moanday, anyway… < sigh >

The next two days are going to be nuts. Pulling some seriously long days (I’m working on our Secretary of State’s voter hotline for the governor recall. Officially, the voting is tomorrow, but early voting was an option this time around. I voted on Labor Day), and predictions are the crazy will be out in force. It’s not a full moon, is it?

Bonus points for fixating on the Suez Canal’s chances of another clog. As I said over on Customers Suck:

Here we go again. The Evergreen people (they of Ever Given fame) are sending a BIGGER ship, the Ever Ace, through the Suez canal. Same length, 9ft wider, max capacity 3868 TEU greater. If this one gets stuck like its relative, wonder how much worse it’ll be to get loose.

The canal had a brief (less than 1hr) blockage last week “courtesy” of the Coral Crystal, which was at least polite enough to pick a two-lane stretch to run aground and have to be helped back afloat.

At least the Princess decided that snooze button snuggles were a good idea.

Good morning everyone.

Twas a bad night with maybe a one-hour stretch of sleep which included a nightmare that woke me. :roll_eyes: I feel like crud, but am hoping I can work my way into feeling less cruddy as the day progresses. I don’t have time to be sick, much less take a day off. Thank goodness I can work from home. Today I have TWO meetings with my boss, in addition to a long list of to-dos. Starting tomorrow, I have three days of all-day training which I must “attend” every day from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm. My official start time for work is 6:30 am, but I usually start early to get caught up on email, so now I’ll have to start even earlier. Everyone is pissed because this is year-end and we don’t have time for BS like this, but they refused to shift the dates to next month. I think someone is trying to score a checkmark on their performance evaluation. This is dumb, we have to create year-end budgets, submit award packages, plus I have a huge leasing snafu which is not my screw-up but guess who gets to fix it.

I have to get out sometime today and pick up Polar’s prescription refill too.

I wish I had some advice for the potty thing, FCM. Zoe isn’t keen either and no amount of cajoling, bribing, etc. will work. She is now in a pre-school class, so maybe some peer pressure will work, but I’m not counting on it. Both of my kids were potty trained super early without much effort on my part; they both hated wet or messy pants. They were in pull-ups and underwear by age two. I know I was super lucky in that regard. I have a potty here for Zoe, but I’ve seen her use it exactly twice and most of the time, she adamantly refuses.

It’s a balmy 55 degrees with an expected high of 70 and partly cloudy skies. Yesterday’s rain was very nice.

Morning all. This is the shopping-n-sammich day, so I need to be out and about in a bit. I also pulled my property tax bill from the internet, so I’m thinking about taking it by their local office (it’s co-located with the driver license place about 4 miles away) and paying in person rather than waiting for the bill in the mail. The soccer this afternoon, as rain is unlikely today.

Can’t offer any advice on potty training, I’m still (hopefully) 15 years or so from having to worry about it again…

Seanette, the ships just keep getting bigger, hopefully the pilots and captains of the ships will be slightly more careful this time through.

Nut, hope moving goes well.

OK, onward into Moanday. All y’all have a great week.

That’s kinda what my daughter is counting on. But I feel sorry for the pre-K teachers. They shouldn’t have to deal with this. One suggestion they made was a potty watch - it beeps at set times (I assume my daughter chose the times) to tell Roxy to hit the can. It was working more or less for the pee, but not the poo. And I honestly don’t remember anything about potty training my kid because her daycare took care of it. I was working full time from the time she was 3 weeks old so I missed a lot of stuff.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Showered and dressed. I scooped the cat box and tidied the kitchen. I also put FCD’s compression socks on him - the left leg is still slightly swollen, making it a bit more of a challenge. We don’t have to leave for 3 more hours. Not sure what to do in the interim - I don’t have enough clothes to launder and I don’t really feel like pulling weeds, altho I should.

Decisions, decisions…

I pulled some weeds, and pruned, and cleared out some sticker vines, and pulled up a bunch of small trees that don’t belong in the forsythia hedge. Plus I watered my veggie patch and harvested another surprise cuke. I don’t know how it is I don’t see them till they’re huge!

Now I’m a sweaty mess, having a cold drink and counting the minutes till lunch. Having breakfast at 6 leaves me hungry by 10, but I can hang in there till 11. Barely… :pleading_face:

Good morning, everyone. I had a good ride this morning. The sun is definitely coming up later, but it’s still too hot to switch to afternoon riding. I just have got to be careful and make sure all my lights are charged.

Dinner last night was meatball subs, made with the second attempt at baguettes. These were a little flat. I think I was rushing during the roll, and didn’t make them as strong as I should have. I was all proud of myself, coming up with the idea for meatball subs, because that would use up the left over sauce and baguettes. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the flaw in my plan until about five o’clock. We didn’t have any meatballs in the freezer. I did have some ground beef, so after some careful microwave thawing, I had Proctologist Italian Meatballs, and for once, they weren’t rubbery.

Saturday, after making the baguettes (and no, I didn’t eat one entirely by myself. Spike helped.), I ran down to the Aldi and picked up a chicken and Rice-a-Roni. I dismembered it (the spine, giblets, and keelbone became stock), and smoked it up good. It had been a while since I made Rice-a-Roni - Squeaky nearly made himself ill, he ate so much. I think tomorrow night, I’ll make Instant Pot risotto with some of the stock I’d made.

This morning, I had to run to the high school to drop off a copy of Fang’s transcript request for the Air Force. Apparently, they needed a lot of documentation, which they had informed him back in June, if only he had bothered to actually read his emails.

My mother wanted to interview Mrs Magill and me about what 9/11 was like in Australia during our honeymoon for her creative writing class. (Hint: 9/11 was very pleasant - we took a walking tour of Melbourne and had dinner with an Internet Friend of mine. 9/12 was very different.) So we talked with her, and discovered that over the last twenty years, your memories have diverged a bit.

I hope everyone has a good week.

OK, what??

I pulled a recipe out of my backside.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

We were rather shorthanded, but that’s more money in my pocket. Also one of the package cars had a fender bender with another pacakge car. In the building. :roll_eyes:


My “dogbuter gets upgraded to first class handbasket to hell” story:
The have TVs in the hub that sometimes play safety videos, one of which is to always make sure traffic stops before going through a green light. The video had a dash cam of 2 cars going through a green light, and getting nailed by an 18 wheeler. I giggled because it was carrying an Evergreen shipping container.

Good luck with the move, Nut!

I hope you’re feeling better soon, Taters.

I’m going to sit here and glare at my laptop for a while. Work is aggravating today. But the weekend was nice. My mom and I made 12 containers of pesto. I had quite the bushel of basil.

I also scared the very nice lady from Instacart when I answered the door carrying a jar full of crickets and a blender. I hadn’t realized crickets can’t be shaken off of basil quite as easily as other critters can be, so when I was stripping and rinsing my basil, I kept finding crickets that got thrown into bug jail until I could toss them out the door. I kinda forgot I was holding onto them after the doorbell rang and the lady jumped a bit when she saw what I was carrying.

People don’t like even the threat of having crickets thrown at them. Or maybe it was the fact that it looked like I was about to make a smoothie out of bugs.

Mmmm cricket smoothie!

Afternoon, all!! I’m taking a break from irk for a bit now, I’m in site installing big TVs at a clients bar. He neglected to do any measuring, so the 3 tvs are not gonna fit in the space he’s allotted. Not sure how we’re going to solve that…

talkie, if you had met me at the door with crickets and a blender, I don’t think I would have jumped, but you would have gotten a rather quizzical look…

doggio, according to their site, Evergreen has a couple hundred thousand containers, so seeing one isn’t that much of a coincidence (I wonder how many containers there are in use in the world these days, it seems almost everything moves in them now).

Went to the place to pay my property tax and after sitting outside the office for 15 minutes waiting for my number to be called, I went inside to find a sign that they are closed until 20 September. Kinda wish they had posted it outside… Probably will go downtown to take care of it in a bit because I have the check written and I’d just as soon deal with it rather than just wait.

So onward!

Happy Moonday!

Nice 76 degrees at the park this morning.
We left earlier than I wanted to because Echo showed her ass again.
Kind of disappointing after she had been so good, but there were three new dogs and one was a bit obnoxious, so I’m cutting her some slack.
The fight was over a stuffed toy though. I really wish people wouldn’t bring those kinds of toys to the park. Balls and frisbees usually don’t cause problems, but stuffed animals and tugging toys do. Echo and one of her friends were play fighting over the stuffed toy. When the newbie tried to join in, Echo got ugly.

My old mortgage still hasn’t been paid off and I am getting pissed.
If it’s not paid off by tomorrow, I’m making the payment and if it fucks up the new company’s numbers, well fuck them. They need to do their damn job.
We closed two weeks ago and it’s not my fault they left a form out.
So sick of incompetent people.

Mostly all I’m doing today is irking. I need to order some groceries to pick up tomorrow, but I don’t even feel like dealing with the store anymore.
I tired of playing ‘how will they screw up the order this week?’

You’re right MetalMouse, the sign should have been outside.

Where my son irks is right past all the trucking stuff. The Pilot, a motel, a huge gas station, truck sales, truck tired, truck repairs, trucks everywhere. Twice I’ve been almost run down by a dump truck and then an 18-wheeler that ran the red light.
One time I was so pissed. I was behind a truck, don’t know what kind, usually utility companies drive them. Kind of like a giant pickup truck. Anyway, I’m behind him and he stopped at a green light and I’m all WTF are you doing? Oh, he was letting all his good buddies coming the other way turn left in front of us. I guess he was hoping that if he sucked up to the big boys, they’d let him drive a big rig one day.

You are nice Talky. If I had a big jar of crickets, it would be sealed tight and going into the trash can, not outside.

I swear my picture should be next to the word Grumpy in the dictionary.

Nut good luck with move. I always hate that, but seem to keep doing it. I hope yours goes smoothly.

Moomm I understood jellyfish reference! (And it is snake oil) I recommend bribes for the potty training, and perhaps even a schedule. Goldfish or some M&Ms or something for production on the pot. Visiting the pot once an hour or once every 30 minutes. Once she makes the positive association, she will probably start telling you she needs to go even when she doesn’t. The other thought I have is switching her to cloth diapers. The current disposables are so “comfortable” that many kids don’t really notice being wet.

Nettie yay for voting work!!! I have voted and everyone I know, who is eligible, has voted. Og help us if Larry Elder gets the job.

Why? Why do people insist on doing stoopid things?

Taters I hope your day improves. I hate waking up only remembering nightmares. It puts me in an icky mood.


wizard I am finally tempted to get an Instant Pot. If it will make rice and risotto, then I just might have to give in.

talky mmmm. Pesto. We love the stuff. Picture me drooling.

sari I know what you mean about the orders. I’ve switched to instacart instead of ordering from the store. At least their shoppers ask me what I want to do about a missing item AND their compensation depends on them actually following my list.

I shall commence laundry today. I also need to put together a shoe tree I got, so I can do some closet re-organization. I also need to clean cat boxes.

Happy Moanday everyone.

Darned easy, and very, very yummy.