Monday The 13th - The MMP

Morning all. Ended up staying awake until near midnight and up before 7am, so staying awake all day could be a challenge. No soccer on the schedule today and the chances for rain have decreased, so we’ll see. Got the new pillowcases for the new pillows I bought earlier, so we’ll give them a tryout tonight.

Wiki!! Long time!! Don’t be a stranger, I think you’ll like the newer members, they are good people. Hope the dogs are good and the arm (and tooth) get better.

doggio, just curious, have you ever handled Sri Lankan spiders as part of your job, or did it just sound more threatening that way??

OK, pills taken and e-mail checked, so onward into the day. All y’all take care.

Good morning everyone.

I am still feeling crappy, but the sore throat is a little less intense. Unfortunately, it feels like things are moving to the chest. We’ll see.

I sat in training from 6:00 am until 2:00 pm yesterday, and during the whole session, the folks in the state I support kept emailing and trying to call me. This, even though I TOLD them all I would be out of the net for training and really needed to not be disturbed. :roll_eyes: But, I managed to try and help them and listen to my training. And, of course, the stuff they were bothering me with were MUST ACT NOW. More :roll_eyes:

On the other hand, I need to give props to one of the management team who wrote an award and submitted it to the director of field ops, so I am extremely grateful for that.

Wiki!, So good to see you post!

Well, I need to head upstairs and log into my computer. Have a good day everyone. Hugs, smooches and trouts as appropriate.

Happy Hump Day!

Very muggy outside.
I went to the park today before daycare so I could spend some time with Lily’s mom. She goes early and this way we got to catch up a little. Lots of dogs there this morning and I was happy to see Panini and Bread show up. We haven’t seen them for a while and I was getting worried. Their dad has been out of irk and was behind on the rent, I was afraid he might have moved and we didn’t get to say goodbye. He has a job now, so we are happy for him. I let him know that the post office is hiring. He doesn’t have a car and the post office is within walking distance for him.

Mortgage got paid off, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore.
Grocery order was okay, they were out of some things, but nothing screwed up.

I don’t know if I need to contact the mortgage company to send me the money that is in escrow or if they will send it automatically. AT&T owes me some money as well, from when my account was closed. If they could apply it to my son’s account, that would be okay with me, but I think they can’t do that.
I guess I should look into those two things today.

Welcome back Wiki!
Sounds like you are busy with lots of good stuff.

So glad I don’t have to deal with training stuff or cow-irkers.

I do need to talk to irk. I keep putting it off.
I’m not sure how to word it.

This. I’m not sure how long after the closing that they have, but you’ll get a check… eventually…

FCD had a short but painful therapy session. I got some groceries while they were torturing him. I’ve decided against yard work today - I’m going to finish a couple of projects in the house and do some general tidying. So off I go!!

I have tread the mill and watered my garden. Supper will be noodle cake! :rofl: I had a couple of squares in the freezer and I’ll dump some 'mater sauce over them. Maybe green beans and 'shrooms on the side.

I’d like to go out for lunch, but FCD isn’t up to it, so I guess a sammich will have to do. Oh how I suffer for that man… :wink:

Survived the heaving, got a load of whites in the washer. Gordie had a short walk, as h was more intresting in listening to the carpenters replace the pool gazebo.


Boofae threatens to throw Sri Lankan jumping spiders at the idiots when the Pointy StickTM isn’t enough.

That is what I thought, but you never know.

I suppose I should call at&t about the credit on my now closed account.

I went out to water Mike the palm and I guess I should have watered him yesterday. He is looking a little poorly. I gave him a good drink and moved him out of the sun. I usually water him every other day, I guess in this heat I need to do it more often. I’ll go back out in a bit and trim off the brown leaves.
Antlers is eating and I will leave her alone for a bit.
I’m not sure how many cats I’m feeding. I take out a scoop each day and then I looked and saw that the scoop is 2 cups. I doubt one little cat is eating that much. I doubt one little cat plus Adam is eating that much. Adam mostly eats indoors anyway, but I’ve seen him nibble on the food outside.

I should be doing something, but I am doing nothing.
It’s starting to become a habit.

Irking from home. Seems I haven’t gotten much done today, because I had some problematic data. I fixed it. I went to the credit union to deposit a check.

On the way home I stopped at the supermarket to pick up some tomatoes and fresh basil. We have some fresh mozzarella and sliced cucumbers in the fridge, so I thought we’d have salads tonight with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

As long as I was at the store I bought a Serrano chile, an onion, and some cubed beef. I coated the beef in flour and seared it in bacon fat, then put it back in the pot with some Gebhardt chile powder, the onion, and the chile. Might be too hot for SWMBO, but she can mix in some of those leftover black beans, Fritos, cheese, whatever to attenuate it.

Finished my project today, time to show it off before it goes to the framer. After it comes home, it will hang in our bedroom where guests probably will never see it. (Before anyone asks, yes I have gotten mixed up about top and bottom in the past. Its easy to do when the canvas is mostly bare. Framers have thanked me in the past for marking the top, as it makes things easier for them.)


Hubs weighed George today, he’s 9 lbs and just over 5 months. Our housekeeper comes on Wednesdays and always mentions how much George has grown in a week, but this time he really grew!

Our Housekeeper’s Sister in CA is going to have cancer surgery next week, so our housekeeper is going to stay with her for the next month and leave us to fend for ourselves. I’ll try to keep up, but she will probably find dust bunnies the size of large cats by the time she gets back.

Instead of going to a rehab place after surgery, HS will be released to a hotel. Of course our housekeeper didn’t know all the details about visiting nurses and such, but I guess it makes sense considering how full hospitals are at the moment.

I have read that the average adult cat eats right about a pound of kibble a week. I haven’t ever fed ours nothing but kibble for a week to see if this is so, but it sounds about right.

Yes, but are they carrying spears?

wiki yay for Rosebud and yay for poms! I would like pictures. Pretty please : bambi eyes :

Ooh. This reminds me. A place here makes a baked potato topped with smoked pulled pork. Now I want one.

Unknown That’s beautiful!

I went to sleep at 8pm last night, and slept through until 7. The 7 part wasn’t so good because 'Beamer’s bus was already here and he wasn’t ready. I drove him to school and he got there on time. The pressure on the tires was insanely low, so I inflated them before we went. I tell ya, don’t drive your car regularly for 18 months and things get all higgledy-piggledy.

I did not get The Habit last night. Tonight we’ll either do that or we’ll do pork schnitzel. It’s nice to have a plan for dinner, instead of waiting for 5pm and then scrambling.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!

RoxStar retrieval was semi-uneventful. For some reason, when they called back for her, the teacher heard “Maxwell” instead of “Roxanna” and a very confused little boy came out. :open_mouth: But it all got sorted and I left with the correct child. Her mom got home about half an hour later and I came home to load the noodle cake into the toaster oven with some extra sauce and mozzarella on top. It was yum.

Chillage shall ensue for the evening. I’ve been crocheting squares like a mad woman! It’s relaxing. Really. I’m serious… :wink:

Unknown, that’s beautiful! I’m so glad you posted it.

Today is meh - I’ve been doing expense budgets all freakin’ day. And my boss is now my boss’s boss (and I technically have no boss), so I kinda winged it, so hopefully it made some sorta sense. If it didn’t I’m sure I’ll hear all about it. My brain is now officially scrambled like an egg.

Something told me to go get the dogs early, but did I listen?

Horrible thunder boomer out there, pouring rain and very loud.
I have 15 minutes before I have to leave, I hope it stops by then.

Very pretty Unknown

I suppose I could weigh the two-cup scoop. I have no idea how much either cat eats, or the dogs for that matter, as everybody is free fed. Adam AKA Fat Assed Cat has lost a lot of weight. The only one kind of chunky is Ripple. He still has a waist. but only because his chest is so broad. I’d like for him to have a little more of a tuck up. Echo has lost weight and is getting skinny again, but skinny seems to be her normal.

I hope that Pixel is feeling a bit better sunny.

Mooooooom, IDK if they still do it, but when I first went on insulin, Kroger would fill a prescription of the old school vials (the kind that need refrigerated and require syringes) free to people who were uninsured. I think that Publix has a similar program (I know they do for antibiotics), so you may want to look into grocery store pharmacies.

Welcome back wiki!

You do nice work unknown.

Irked, came home, got eaten alive by skeeters when I walked Nelson, et and am fixing to do KP.

One of my cow-orkers found five one dollar bills in one of the phone envelopes today. It had to be turned in, but I found it humorous. Me, I just find nice otter boxes that have to be disposed of. What part of SEND ONLY PHONE in bold letters in both English and Spanish do people not understand?

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

He’s still scarfing down his kidney food like a champ and seems a bit brighter today. No more seizures so far. I’m cautiously optimistic that we can get him stabilized. We need to get him more fluids, but we need to keep his heart healthy enough to handle that. Time to start walks. He’s my little buddy. I hope he can stick around a bit longer.

The dog has been kenneled, the car has been washed and gassed and vacuumed, the laundry is in the dryer, and the “out of office” auto-replies have been set on my work computers. Vacation time! :smiley: All I have left to do is pack, but that won’t take long. First I shall eat dinner and watch The Profit, and just chill for a bit. (But the house feels reaaallly weird without my dog in it.)

My plan is to hit the road at 8am. I’ll immediately run into rush hour on the DC beltway, but I think I’d rather be in the car (“on the way”) even if I have to sit in the some traffic. My goal is to make it to my mom’s best friend’s house in North Jersey by noon, which should be doable even with a brief stop at my favorite I-95 travel plaza. I’ll have lunch and a visit with her and her husband, and then I’ll be NYC bound!


I am very (very) pleased to report that this is no longer an option. :grin:

Woo hoo!! :tada:

Wow! Very nice! :slight_smile:

Just got paid off by refinance people. I wish it was paid off for real.

What a mess outside. The rain let up a little as I was leaving. When I got to the daycare it was busy with people waiting for their dogs. Not a surprise, everybody was probably waiting for the rain to let up. I thought I’d sit in the truck and let it clear out a little. Big mistake, it started pouring again.
Alerts on my phone, alerts on the radio, flood warnings everywhere.
I got the dogs, got soaked in the process. When I got home, I waited in the truck for my son. I thought there is no way I am walking through this mess to the house and then have to come back out 20 minutes later.
Now he’s at irk, I’m home, the dogs ate their dinner and have gone to bed. I have no idea where Adam is, but I’m sure he’s okay.
Still pouring rain.

D’oh! Well, that’s what I get for only kind of paying attention. Sorry. But maybe a mini “woo hoo” for the finance people payoff? :slight_smile:

Irk was … surprisingly good. I guess I’m getting used to the work - when I started, I came home utterly exhausted and overheated. Now … okay, I still break a sweat, but not nearly as badly.

{ throws a couple of tacos in the general direction of Georgia }

Did they arrive okay?

You’n’me both.

As others have said, it’s lovely! Is that embroidery? (I cross-stitch.)

Lying around watching TV and ordering room service instead of being forced into physical therapy (ahem FCD) doesn’t sound like a good road to recovery. Will any nurses or physical therapists be visiting?

That’s splendid news!

Howdy Y’all! We did the things today. Supper got cooked and et and the kitchen got cleanded up. It has rained off and on all day. I am on a mission for HVAC maintenance contract quotes. Thus was the day. Oh and, of course, nappage was adhieved.

unknown that’s purty!

sunny yay for Pixel! BBQ stuffed baked N.O.T. are da bomb!

sari yay for the finance payoff.

oopsie have a great trip. Post if you can. If not, we’ll all pine away until you return.

shoe yum! The tacos stayed in one piece durin’ the toss. I even shared, cause I’m nice, dammit!

I wish I could remember the whole thing, but it was sump’n like Pointy Stick Wieldin’ Sri Lankan Ninja Spiders.