Monday The 13th - The MMP

Evening all. This is my one weekday without soccer practice for the kids, so of course I laid around the house and…watched soccer (European Champion’s League has begun). Garbage and Recycles have been transported to the appropriate cans and once I can be bothered to dress appropriately for outside, the cans will move to the curb.

oopsie, enjoy your trip. Ever think about taking the train?

shoe, I still remember my first night washing dishes at the age of 19 in a local restaurant. Went home thinking I barely survived. Ended up working there for 6 years.

Sunny, best wishes to Pixel.

Very nice, Unknown. And George is going to be a big cat!

Have a good night all.

As of 2015, if I got it right in an old MMP, it was “Pointy-Stick-Wielding-Sri-Lankan-Spiders”. I do think adding “Ninja” works, though.

Over on Customers Suck, I saw reference to the Emotional Support Honey Badger. Also seems like a useful weaponized animal.

Thanks for the compliments everyone! I was the oldest of four girls, I learned to stitch before I was reading and I was an early reader. Mom figured out early that I would entertain myself nicely with some thread and fabric, plus she was the generation that embroidered linens for her hope chest.

Thank you, no, its needlepoint. When you mention doing cross stitch I always admire your patience, working closed fabric is hard!

That’s really what I was wondering. When hubs had his heart surgery, he wanted to get better, but I still had to nag and bully to get him to walk.

This is your plan and you know the roads better, but wouldn’t 7 be a little better? It’ll put you on the front edge of the rush hour, so any accidents behind you won’t be an issue.

I have just started a new project, a Victorian house done in creams, pinks and pale blues. Expect another bragging post in 6 months or so, LOL!!!

I’m sleeping with Mel tonight. At least I hope I’ll sleep. Sooooooo tahred…

I can, in theory, sleep in tomorrow, for a bit. We need to get to the doc’s office around 9. I get to stay in the car. Whatevs. That’s tomorrow. I need sleep before then. So nighty-night.

When I lived near an Amtrak station, I used to take the train to NYC all the time. :slight_smile: But these days, getting to the train is kind of a PITA; flying is easier, and not much more expensive. Driving seems to be the way to go, especially right now while the travel industry is still trying to find its way back.

Not really; that isn’t early enough to get ahead of anything. I’d still immediately hit heavy traffic. I’d have to leave at 6:00 if I were trying to beat any of rush hour, but I am NOT a morning person so 8:00 it is. :smiley:

The Caprese salad + cucumbers was good. I had almost two helpings. The chile colorado was also good. I don’t think it’s ‘hot’ at all. (I had one good cooking spoon of it w/cheese.) Kinda stuffed.

Felt non-exhausted enough after irk to scoop the litter box, put away clean dishes, and hit the Gettin’ Store real quick while dinner heated in the oven.
Plus got a box taped up & addressed, hopefully will be up & about early enough tomorrow to mail that one out. I’ve made the recipient sit waiting for far too long & I feel bad.

Now to eat the dinner that’s waiting for me!

Just googled “difference between embroidery and needlepoint” and came away having learned, ah, absolutely nothing. Still not sure what the diff might be … and what’s this “closed fabric” of which you speak?

Can you tell I’m self-taught?

This is hilarious & imma share it post-haste.

Car nap! CAR NAP!!

One of the best things about being fully retired is getting up when I wake up. I can sleep in as late as I want and don’t have to worry about “wasting” most of my rare time off sleeping. I will say that I hate rush hour traffic more than I hate mornings, so got up way early to beat the traffic when I had to go to California.

I hope you have a great trip and that retirement isn’t too far away for you. Sleeping late is bliss.

Embroidery and cross stitch are done on fabric. Needlepoint fabric is more of a stiff mesh.

The beginning of the new piece:

You have to be able to figure out where to bring the needle up by counting cross threads. I can see the needle under the open fabric and just put it up through the right hole.

For some pieces, like the one I shared, all the fabric is covered. Other pieces use the open mesh and a colored backing as part of the pattern.

You are a rare one. Most folks who are self taught end up making mistakes they don’t know how to fix and get frustrated and quit. I have helped several young folks get started and I always tell them that the reason I know what they did to mess up was because I’ve already done it and probably more than once!

A trick Mom taught me last year…if you take a picture of your finished project with your phone and enlarge it, you can see if you have missed any stitches. This also works when you aren’t really clear about what the instructions mean. Take a pic of the kit pic, then enlarge the place you have questions about. Mom is SO smart!!!

Customers Suck is a wonderful site, I was much more active there before I retired. Removes mask to reveal Slave to the Phone!

Now this is a nice surprise, given how much I’ve always enjoyed your posts over there!

Awwwww, thank you! You mentioned this board on that board, and knowing that you are a pretty nice and rational person, I thought I would check it out. I lurked here for a while, retired and lurked more until I finally signed up. Slave to the Phone was so not accurate anymore, hurray retirement! so I didn’t bring it here with me.

Now that I’ve come out, I guess I should ask the mods to bring my old name with me. Should make for interesting assumptions, LOL!

Made Italian Chicken with cheesy rice for dinner, with a salad, and a martini.

“Mom, why does Roxstar look so pale?” :wink:


How very meta. (And also, kinda sweet.)

I’m sorry. I can’t help it.

That’s what she said.

{ ducks and runs away }

Yeah, well, I use blunt needles, so when I get pricked, it happens with a big tool. You use sharp needles, so its easier for you to end up getting pricked with a small tool. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I just start a new project! :crazy_face: Look at the one with “mistakes,” go “UGH!” and find something new.

Amazingly, after a while with “fresh” eyes, it’s often easy to see a way around whatever you did. It just takes a while. You have to take a break from the item.

signed *
shoe who did a lot of editing back in the day. Amazing what you see after a day or two away from the text.

yeah if its anything like LA county rush hour traffic you leave at 3 am and hopefully your there by 6 am …it takes about 3 hours to get here to Anaheim (where Disneyland is) it goes like this about 30-45 in you hit the traffic for LAX which can take about about 90 minutes to get around its self … and then its about another 45-60 minutes after lax to get there

When the airports were basically closed last year that trip took 90 minutes or ess … I have a extensive network of relatives in orange county

I see what you did there.

Ya wanna talk about laying tools? I like the thicker ones, they just feel better in my hands.

What? What do you think us old lady’s titter about during stitching meet-ups?

… from the ^^ video:

“Stroke, pull out, and then you’re finished.”

… you betcher ass, lady.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

You two have filthy minds. I like that.

Cute. I have a cat named Pudgebutt for reasons outside of my control. Not the name on her record at the vet~just our ‘love handle’ for her.

I’m sure she weighs as much as her brother and sister put together.