keeping the MMP score: rosie 5, swampy 4

Ha! Beatcha to it!

no pith or wit this evening - just wanted to be the one to start

So now it’s a contest? :smiley:

rosie made me laugh. Very loudly. Good thing no one can hear me.

And the bonus? I’m first!!!

::does victory dance::



Oops, GT, I hadn’t figured on you being a Culinary Mystery fan.

Oh Noes! Beaten to the punch! Or was it the champagne? :smiley:

:: peeks in ::

Hey Mumpers! Life has been hectic lately. Miss you guys.

::waves:: Hi Haze. How’s Irish Guy?

Hi rosie!

He’s good - his father’s been ill recently, so he’s been somewhat moody (understandably) but other than that life is uneventful for both of us. We’re starting to think about what we want to do after this year - get the hell out of Korea, at any rate. Although if we go to the EU I’m either going to have to prostitute myself or get him to marry me because getting a working visa there is a royal pain in the ass from what I here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Where the heck did my weekend go? Can someone please go find it and tell it that I miss it dearly? Awesome. Thanks.

Granola turned out stupidly good. I’m kicking myself for not getting on the homemade granola bandwagon sooner, especially since The Boy is a granola addict and that store-bought stuff is eeeeexpensive. Someone stop me before I make five more flavours of this stuff, please.

Morning all. HRH is being a PITA this morning - I want school, I don’t want school, I want school. I WANT SLEEP!!! Yaaaawwwwnnnnnn.

Yeah, me too.

::Waves enthusiastically at Haze and Soapy::

That granola recipe looks yummy, Muppet. Here’s the link for those who missed it. I’ve added it to the blog as well.

Didn’t really get anything else done, other than watching a movie online. Guess I’ll get to bed now.

Happy almost Monday, everyone!


::waves:: Hi all! I start my new job tomorrow. I’m very excited! Well, and a little concerned that the person they hired first didn’t last through the first day. :eek: What on earth did they **do **to her? I guess I’ll find out.

USA beat Canada in hockey ,WOOOOOO!!!

Good luck, Shadow!

: waves at Haze :

And as far as the MMP score, I’ve done 8. Go me!:smiley:

Oh come on, it’s not anywhere close to Monday yet! ~panics~

Monday isn’t a time or place, it’s a feeling of unreasoning dread.

Headed to work…urgh.

To use my favorite phrase lately – why can’t it be both…? :smiley:

Everybody is coming out of the woodworks! (including yours truly… :o)

And good luck on the new job, Shadow.

**Dotty **-- tell HRH to be a western-style loaf of sliced bread, for a change :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Striped Argent Feline, it was 4:22 in the Ey Em on Monday when **Rosie **posted. At least here it was.
Obviously **Rosie **is posting on Jewish Standard Time :cool: So there!

The explanation on Turnabout is much appreciated, rigs. A lot of the stuff involved in American social dances is completely alien to Spaniards and much more formal than our own social dances, including such concepts as “buying tickets.” In a couples-dance situation there may be the occasional time when the band’s director indicates “ladies’ choice,” but that’s as close to a Turnabout dance as we’d get.
I’ve discovered it is acceptable to include “personal communication” and usernames in cites for academic papers. I’m not kidding, there’s format listings for Harvard Citations of personal communications and board posts! Sadly, my teachers take Academia seriously (btw, hi Soapy!) so No Cites From GD for me.

Good luck on the new job, Shadow - maybe the person who didn’t make it through day one was just completely clueless? When I took my current job, I heard that they’d got a temp in to do it but she’d walked out after the first day…I’ve been here 18months and haven’t yet found anything that I haven’t been able to do. Conclusion? The temp was rubbish!

So it’s Monday, I’m in the office, more snow is forecast, the scales this morning said that the weekend’s cocktails made my bum look big. I hate those scales.

Morning everyone! If anyone can tell me why I had a piercing pain in my shoulder last night, I’d much appreciate it. Fortunately it seems to be gone now that I’m in an upright position. I guess I spoke too soon. It just hit me again. Very irritating.

Congratulations on the new job, Shadow! And glad to see you back here, too. :slight_smile:

It’s also nice to see Noonie and Soapy. I was wondering where you guys were.

Ok, I’m off to the grocery store soon. I didn’t realize until late in the day yesterday that I had a lunch this morning. Because of those nasty scales, BooFae, I’m going to steer clear of the donut aisle.