Monkey butler my ass..

Hope you drank some water before you turned in, SexyWriter.

I am confused, however, by the ‘100 beers’ having turned out to be made of vodka and grapefruit juice. Is this one of those newly fangled things like the Tequiza beers which are made out of things other than beer?

That was awful! I want to genuinely apologize to all for taking up board space with my inane, drunken ramblings. As for the matter of 100 beers being made of vodka and grapefruit juice, I have no defense. I believe I was just thinking that the evening began with “lets’ go out and have a few beers” which then turned into a drunken rampage.

Oh my aching head. I drank water and took advil before I went to bed. But I think a lobotomy would have been a better solution.


At least you’re still alive, which is a good thing.

I saw the thread title and immediately clicked on it. I’ve always wanted a monkey butler. A robotic monkey butler would just be cooler, I swear. And one person keeping a thread alive like that did put a smile on my face.

I’m going to be thinking of monkey butlers all day now.

There’s more than one way to “skin a cat”, as they say! You need to buy a keg, a metal tub, and a lot of ice. Put it in the corner and all you need after that is one large paper cup. No more beer cans lying all over the place, and that would eliminate your need for a butler. It would be cheaper, too!

Problem solved! :cool:

Damn, I wish this was Fark so I could post the image. A quote will have to do.

“Mojo! What have they done to you?!”

What’s with the camels? I cannot say… I am not the one with a thing for them, after all! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe next time I see my friend, I’ll ask him to explain! (provided I still remember in two weeks’ time)


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i wish i had amomnkey that dances to perat opera music and is a butler and wears a suti. he’ d be my monek ybutler suit dancer.


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09-09-2000 08:50 AM

OHHHHH for the ULTIMATE Monkey Butler!!

I miss you Tim! :slight_smile:

My general impressions from reading the thread: SexyWriter is kinda cute when she’s drunk.


Aww…that’s so sweet PolishSausage. But only when I’m drunk?

I’m just glad she didn’t actually end up getting a monkey stuck in any bodily orifices.

It’s just that I find your drunken rambling cute. Your sober ramblings are, on the other hand, a bit more provocative, stimulating, dear I say … ‘sexy’?

mmmmm…flirting threads

Ok more hangover advice for all of you kiddies.

I should have this tatooed on my freaking forehead… Which would be appropriate since most of what I do with friends is get drunk and talk crazy talk.

Mix poweraid or gatoraid or similar sports drink 1:4 with H20. It’ll taste kinda nastier but suck it up! Down about 2 liters of this. Flinstones chewable Vit C tablets, or something similar take ONE dose of those (or less, but no more than one). Sleep and evacuate fluids, in no particular order.

The general concept here is you get dehydrated since you use 6M H20 and 2 or .5 (I can’t remember which) M Vit C per 1M EtOH you metabolize.
DO NOT TAKE ASPRIN! Both EtOH and asprin damage your liver, and taken together the effect is amplified. That and I was taught in biochemistry that the body metabolizes Asprin before EtOH… so if you were breaking down EtOH and pop an Asprin you stop metabolizing the EtOH…

advil and tylenol are just as bad, if not worse. dont do it, folks.

SexyWriter… don’t sweat it. All good writers are either drunks or bipolar or both. Cool thread, and I hope you recovered enough to tie another one on this weekend! :wink: