Montréal Sugardope

Now that the holidays are behind us, I would like to suggest a Montréal Dopefest for the spring. Yes, it’s time for Sugardope[sup]TM[/sup]. It is a yearly tradition here to gather in the spring and go to the sugar shack to enjoy good food and maple products.

I would suggest for the dates of this potential Dopefest, the week-ends of either 15-16 March (to go with the Montreal St-Patrick parade, the oldest in North America) or the following week-end of 22-23 March.

So all are invited, the old hands as well as the newbies. Come up here to enjoy maple toffee on the snow, oreilles de Christ, grand-pères dans le sirop and other sweet treats.

Hm… I’d love to come up, but it looks like those two weekends are the two weekends in March that I’ve got commitments. That may change though; I’ll let you know.

LaurAnge, scott evil and I were talking about Sugardope last weekend you know. Should be a lot of fun!

That might indeed be do-able :slight_smile:

How does this normally work? I’ve never been to one…

I’ll probably be able to make it, and kinda related, anyone know when Scott’s wedding is planned for?

It took about 5 min. to load and post this… Does this look like a longterm problem or just a lot of traffic?

Ugh… That should’ve been a new thread in ATMB… Sorry.

I’m there, obviously. Well, I’m already here. You know what I mean. :rolleyes:

I think the weekend of March 22-23 would be better in terms of weather.

We’ll need people with cars, since we’ll be going off the island. Or we could rent a minivan.

detop, would we be sugaring off Saturday or Sunday morning/afternoon? I can take care of organizing an evening dinner in town, since I’m so good at that. :wink:

clayton_e: I’m not getting married in two months…! :eek:

CuriousCanuck: there’s a thread in MPSIMS about Dopefests…

Can we have an Elenfair? And some of those cool Dopers who met me, LaurAnge, and matt_mcl last weekend in NYC?

The Pad of Evil® will once again be open for business. I can put up three comfortably, and four slightly uncomfortably (but after the House of Pain®, anything’s possible).

Fun fun fun. I’m off to polish my tiara. :wink:

Figured that, Scott, just wondering if you had a month chosen or something.

Sounds great, I’d love to go. You know, we’ve got some great syrup down here, too. Could we all bring a taste of local syrup and have a pancake brunch/maple tasting morning?


whatmove: ummm… when you go sugaring off, you get breakfast…

And our syrup is better. :stuck_out_tongue:

In order of posting :

Sorry to hear that Eonwe, hope you’ll be able to make it though. Glad to hear that the suggestion I made at Doperéal hadn’t fell on deaf ears :stuck_out_tongue:

Curious Canuck you’re welcome to join us, just do like scott evil suggested and also keep track of this thread.

clayton_e, yes the Board is slower. It took we 4 tries to post this thread and about the same amount to post this answer. In addition, at one point, the Home Page was listing who was online at the time (1606 members if I recall correctly).

scott evil, a spring equinox Dopefest ? sounds good to me. I was thinking of Saturday afternoon for the sugaring off party. So a dinner Saturday evening would probably be required (something light would be preferable).

whatmove, tha’t’s the reason Québec wants to annex Vermont and New Hampshire, so we could have a monopoly on maple syrup production. Bwahahahaha !

Count me in to Dôpe à Sucre 2003!

We’ve got some great Adirondack syrup here also, I’ll bring some up.

Sounds like fun :slight_smile: I love maple syrup… and there are LOTS of lovely ladies in Montreal :slight_smile: Now are any of them dopers? :wink:

I wanna come, but I’m stuck here for school! I know, I complain about not making it to ANY Montreal Dopefest, but thats because I miss Montreal (and Quebec) so much, and I don’t want to be in this stupid province anymore… :pout:

When we came back up from Christmas break, my SO and I forgot to bring one essential thing…maple syrup. We left it in my parents kitchen. So we’re making due with cheap substitute because we can’t afford the real stuff here (we eat it WAY too fast!), but I am NOT happy about it. Oh well, Reading Week is mid-February…I can last another 5 weeks…I think.


Dammit. Smilies have taken over my post. I am NOT happy, get it? NOT HAPPY!!! arrrggghhhh…

:pout: , and clicks in the “Diable Smilies” box…

Right, then, a light and late Saturday dinner sounds good, if we’re planning on gorging ourselves that afternoon on pancakes, eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, potatoes, bines, oreilles de crisse, etc., all drenched in maple syrup.

Yum. Just typing that sent me into insulin shock and clogged my arteries. :eek:

Oooh! Sugaring off! Haven’t been to one of those since I was a wee’un! I’d love to go. Not sure I can, what with the whole It’s-Another-Country-And-It’s-Four-Or-Five-Hours-Away* thing, but I’ll surely think about it.
*I know lots of people drive further than that for Dopefests, but it’s rare for me to get two days in a row off from work and I hate spending half a day driving to spend one day somewhere, that’s all.

Dammit, can’t do it: National Debating Championships at Dal the first weekend, simulation for my Peacebuilidng class the second.

Thanks for the offer, though, anyway.


Still in order of posting :
matt_mck, it goes without saying that we were counting on your presence.

clayton_e, glad to know you’ll be there buddy.

Curious Canuck, looking forward to see you ! And yes there are wimen Dopers in Mtl

mnemosyne, sorry to hear that:( , we’ll make sure that there are no “devil” smilies present though :stuck_out_tongue:

scott evil, I knew I could count on you.

racinchikki, you’ll be sorely missed !

same to you Ulterior !