Montreal Sugardope II : March 12 to 14

As suggested by scott evil in this thread , I opened a new thread with more precise information and sceduling. So far, this has been decided :

Friday, March 12[sup]th[/sup]
Supper at St-Hubert, located 1019 Ste-Catherine East (corner Amherst) at 8 : 15 PM, reservations under the name Cecil Adams followed by karaoke at Club Date.

Saturday, March 13[sup]th[/sup]
Lunch at cabane a sucre L’Hermine at 2 : 30 PM (if we show up earlier, they may be able to serve us sooner), under the name Cecil Adams also.

Supper at a pizza place in the gay village (scott evil is in charge of the reservation)

Sunday, March 14[sup]th[/sup]
St-Patrick’s day parade, followed by meal and, maybe, visit to the McCord museum, depending on the time.

So, do I have to be gay or evil to come to this? :slight_smile:

Like the last time, I’ll probably be able to get to the Sugar Cabin, but not much else. Still a long drive from Niagara Falls… :frowning:

Yeah, I’ll see if that pizza place on Amherst & Ste-Catherine (right across the street from St-Hub’s, actually) takes reservations. Either that or Pizzadélic, but perhaps not the one in the Village. In any case, it’ll be a place with so-called gourmet pizza, meaning very light crust, interesting toppings. :slight_smile:

Neither, it’s more a “come as you are” event.

Ok, I’m definitely there the 13th… can’t make the 12th.

We need to make a list of attendees and populate it. :wink:

We have the usual Montreal crew: me, detop, matt, **kfl ** & U_D_Amber, LaurAnge, Daerlyn. Perhaps others will come out of the woodwork…

From Ottawa, we have UltraStud CuriousCanuck, my brilliant & faithful writing partner. Everyone else from Ottawa has been abducted by either aliens or Minnesotans.

From Toronto, Sunspace might make it… It would be nice if, say, Eats_Crayons could join us.

From other exotic locales, Eonwe (but only for like twenty minutes, as usual ;)), JeffB, clayton_e (if he hasn’t gone AWOL), Duke.

In the original thread, roxx222 from here and haardvark from Kingston expressed interest, but we haven’t heard from them since. I’ll email them. :slight_smile:

Anyway, that’s around 14 so far. detop, for what number did you make the reservations?

I made reservations for 25 in both places, just in case some SOs decide to join us as well as other interested dopers.

BTW, my friend maf has agreed to supply a ride, like last year.

Yeah, rides. Essential. Glad maf will be along again this year. Let’s see, we also have JeffB and CuriousCanuck who have cars.

I still think more people should come to Sugardope. Please come to Sugardope. Sugardope is good. If, um, three more people commit to coming (no one who’s already posted), I will sing Helen Reddy’s 1970s hit “I Am Woman” at Club Date.

Er, in that case, I don’t think I can make it. :wink:

  1. You don’t count, because you’ve already posted. :rolleyes:

  2. You won’t be there Friday night. :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. You suck. :slight_smile:

Now, now children, play nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure of my plans at this point, but I think Saturday will work, and both Friday and Sunday are possibilities.

This is so exciting!

If we tell the ppl at St. Hub that it’s my berfday, will they do something special? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also like to add that Eonwe sucks because:

1)He won’t be there for my birthday

2)He dissed Madonna

3)scott evil said so.

I think he’s just going to have to make up for his suckage by giving me a GIANT hug when he sees me.

Haha! I knew you’d be holding a grudge!

It’s your birthday that Friday?

Sure I’ll give you a hug, and since it’ll be the day after your birthday, I won’t even charge you for the first one!

More people should come to Sugardope.

Time to bump this back up.

Things are starting to come together for me. Saturday’s a definite, and Sunday’s very likely. Friday is probably not. I’m also in touch with clayton_e about a possible ride, so hopefully that will work out.

Since 1) I’ve already posted, and 2) I probably won’t be there Friday night, does that mean that 3) I suck, too?

No. Eonwe sucks because he’s never in town long enough.

detop, call L’Hermine to make sure the Barney music is playing when we arrive.

More people should come to Sugardope.