More Babelfish fun

Guess the song, win a prize.

When are you gonna that you go for bottom?
When it that it takes program?
I must have remained in the farm.
I must have heard on my old man.

They know that you cannot always initially not obtain current in me.
I did not sign for not mentioned above with you.
I am not a gift of mode which opens his/her friends.
This too much again boy to sing blue.

Thus, the probably yellow manner saw it brick,
where that cães of Firmashout.
They cannot hold it with me in its ground of roof,
I which still suits you to well plough.

What’s the prize? That said, I have no idea. :slight_smile:

Sounds like Shonen Knife. :slight_smile:

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?

Elton John, of course.


Where’s my prize?

Ooh, I’ve got one! Can I play?

Receive your movement company.
Precede out on the data course.
For adventure look or, whatever comes my way.
Yeah received to go let you occur it.
Receive the world in a love cover.
Fire all immediately their rifles and explode you in workstation.



I’m going to toss in a WAG of “Cat’s in the Cradle”, Mr. Cyn.

I tried mangling “Hotel California” but it kept coming out recognizable…that figures.

Lindy that is too easy: :Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf


The I whether guess/advise I had known your plan or, in order to make the blue because of me, you ask.
Another type you had known beforehand. Between our 2, love I that of the girl it is many.

That the throught is a crane which belongs in me.
It is longer than some rank, but you do me who am required rather?
This so so mangled I barely remember what song I started with.

LindyHopper, is that Born to Be Wild?

That’s what I get for translating the song then posting.

Whatcha want?

What the hell is it?

This one’s pretty fucked up.

** Time-out ** you time for me
then cant me a song for you
99 air aerostat
they horizon pens far away
you g ’ rad me perhaps
then cant me a song fur you
99 air not ten far away
99 aerostat and that sowas
sowas ven air aerostat
they within horizon for UFOs
universe around trasmett a General ’
it relè aviator alarm for d then,
wenn ’ s to be therefore here with that war
’ n 99 horizon that aerostat ventil

Heh. It’s doable.

Coldy : 99 Red Balloons or 99 Luftbalons depending on your language of choice…

Odie, dammit. Why did YOU show up of all people? Mr. Rock Trivia HIMSELF! :smiley:

OK, here’s another one:

The love is as a bomb, baby,
it my receive it more luminous
to more like on of
Livin ’ like one liked with a telephone of Lookin radar
’ like Tramp, like a videovampdemolitionfrau,
can I your man his Razzle ’ N ’ dazzle
’ N ’ the lightning, baby,
go once all the night, always if,
sugars him me gently
little vermissen-ein-unschuldiges of
sugars me, yeah

Take it away, OdieMeister!

That would be “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, by Def Leppard

Spot on! OK, let’s take it up a notch!

The luminous plunge of the sky of a plane
or one lady with outerspace of the body
my interior,
my beginning of the backward movement commits my inner

Take THAT!

Dinner, a movie, flowers, quiet conversation, a fire, and three hours of oral sex.


All your base are belong…

Wait…dammit, that’s not a song!

Don’t mind me. Carry on.