More Orlandope!

We came, we saw, we… gave Auto dating advice.

Since there were only five of us, we need a do-over (although I had lots of fun and everyone else seemed to as well).

December 6th. The line to suggest venues starts


Dec 6…I will definitely keep that date in mind!

Wouldn’t be much to look at, us stuffing our gobs at Fiddler’s. Besides that thing that Ludovic did with the piano, the pint of beer and the very small man…Well, It wasn’t something you’d need a picture to remember after all…

I don’t need no steenkin’ dating advice! :o

Yeah, we had a great time. Food, drink, and conversation at Fiddler’s for 4 hours followed by Wii sports at my place. Besides the dwarf fight that Acid Lamp referred to, it went off without a hitch.

Oh, I’ll give pictures, but it’ll cost moolah, I’m easy but I’m not cheap :slight_smile:

Sounds like Acid will pay money to keep those pictures under wraps.

I’m glad you guys had fun…I will definitely try to make the next one.

No, no, no, i’m the one with the dwarf, he’s the one with the strong wrist :slight_smile:

And how! :wink:

Fie on you sirrah! I will display my manly thews to all and sundry without fear of shame.

Don’t make me drop the Chocolate Syrup bomb.