More smart phone surprises

So I get an email from my doctor scheduling a virtual visit by phone for next week. There is an attached file I can’t open, I think an .ics file. Looking it up shows it to be some kind of scheduling program.

Anyhoo, the next time I look at the calendar on my phone I see my name in red on the day in question. Clicking on it brings up the details of the upcoming conference call. Pretty neat.


When my doctor schedules a virtual appointment, his office will send me a text message with a link about 20 minutes before. When I click the link, it will open a page with a video window, and the doctor and I can see and talk to each other. Yeah, I agree it’s really convenient not to have to travel to the doctor’s office.

It’s not just smart phones - ICS files are a universal calendar format. So, they are supposed to work with any calendar software.

Exactly right. The ICS file works with my Google calendar and my wife’s Outlook calendar.