Most reprehensible waste of protoplasm on THE WALKING DEAD tv series (open spoilers)

Poll in a moment, but if you don’t feel like waiting, you’ll be asked to choose between Shane, the Governor, Joe (leader of the claimers), Gareth, Dawn, and Fuckwit Gabriel. For bonus points you can make your case that another character is more reprehensible than these, and for BONUS bonus points you can rank them from most to least scummy.

Back in a flash.

Ack! In the poll, where I wrote "Joe (or another of the Termite), I of course meant “Joe (or another of the Claimers)”.

Gabriel, by far!

The Guv’na was a psycho, the Terminus folk were either also crazy or just lost all humanity.

Gabriel though, what a fuck wit! Not only does he refuse to help himself forcing others to save his useless ass, almost get Michonne, Carl and the baby killed stupidly leading a swarm back to the church.

But THEN, even after he saw Bob’s BBQ’d leg and confirmed the Terminus folks were murderous cannibals who hunted Rick’s group down, he still tries to get his saviors kicked out of Alexandria by slandering them.

:mad:Remember he KNOWS Rick was telling the truth, what were they supposed to do let the Terminus people retreat and return for a THIRD attempt at murdering and BBQing the entire group INCLUDING Gabriel?

Easily one of the most despicable characters in recent memory, he is like a straw pacifist.

I don’t remember who the hell Joe or the Claimers are. Honestly, in some ways I can kind of see where the others are coming from, though I don’t agree with them, and eating people seems to be a huge waste. Gabriel on the other hand is a moron, a fuckwit, a coward, and a bunch of other stuff. He has no worth what so ever.

So from worst to, um, best I guess:
the Governor,

I don’t see Shane as being that bad, just not the best leader there could have been.

Shane actually seems one of the more sensible people on a rewatch, his major sin being letting himself get manipulated by Lori and murdering Otis and attempting to murder Rick.

In the situation on the farm Shane was the only one with enough sense to say F this S and kill the walkers being kept in the barn, in retrospect Rick’s pussy footing around seems foolish.

Shane was only bad because he was in competition with Rick for Lori and Carl. If Rick had never been injured, or had died in the hospital, Shane would’ve stayed on the side of hugs and puppies.

I have to say, that Shane/Otis scene is still kinda stuck in my head. Usually evil people are evil because, well, they’re evil…Shane was coldly practical.

I have to disagree. Shane’s idea of being a leader was making his group stay in a tent city on the outskirts of Atlanta, not even allowing them to go far enough to put up a sign on the road to warn potential evacuees that ATL was no safe haven. The group wasn’t really a team before Rick pulled them together - that scene on the roof with Merle and T-Dog would never have happened in a group led by Rick. His group really was pretty much a family. I’d still put Shane as the least bad of the bad guys because I think he wanted to be a good guy, he was just weak and somewhat cowardly.


I didn’t say Shane was a GOOD leader – just that what drove him to attempt murder was the competition with Rick.

The thing that offends me most about Gabriel is that, not only is he The Walking Liability, but he is also useless as a character. I can’t really figure out what the writers of the show are trying to accomplish by having the character on the show even though the character is clearly meant to represent SOMETHING. You don’t just have a priest survive an apocalypse and join the group without trying some point about humanity, but they’ve utterly failed. Either that, or they just thought, “Oh, cool and ironic to have a terrible priest join up. This character will be totally complex.”

It’s just awful.

Even though I’ve voted Gabriel as well, it still amuses me that he’s getting many more votes than a guy whose hobby was collecting living heads in an aquarium, and another who lured people into a supposed safe haven so he could butcher them like hogs.

I’ve got to give props to the writers, and to Seth Gilliam, for fashioning a character that has generated such a visceral reaction in viewers without being your usual cartoon evil guy. When father Gabriel finally bites it (and I have no doubt he’ll end up zombie chow in spectacular fashion at some point) the rejoicing will be fearsome to behold.

Lori remains the character I find most irritating. The pointlessly evil characters are starting to blend together at this point.

Gabriel is getting rapidly to Lori levels, and may pass them if he lives long enough.

The Governor was keeping dead heads in jars, just because they are animate doesn’t make it bad. Unless of course they were living and he hacked their heads off to keep them, then that takes it up a notch. But if they were zombies then big deal. He really turned when he wanted too much power, so much that he was willing to kill everyone to destroy the prison.

The Terminus people were pretty fucked up, no excuse for that. Maybe, in some deranged thought process it works, but that’s why I listed them second.

Gabriel on the other hand has no redeeming value. He refuses to fight, locked out his entire congregation, and now has lied to the congress woman about who Rick’s team is. This might get a load of people killed, all because he can’t face the reality of what’s going on around him.

Hell, even Eugene maned up. He might not have wanted to fight, I don’t agree with that but I can understand it, but when he needed to he maned up. Imagine if Gabriel was there instead, they might all be dead.


Great screen name/post combo, btw.

Well, in all honesty, it IS an epic mane.

Well, he doesn’t have MY head in a jar, I don’t think. :smiley:

Yes, yes it is. Left over from the 80s I’m sure.

At least Dawn was hot.

Gabriel by far. I want him dead, soon.



In the most dehumanizing, degrading way possible.

Sex with Lori?

They can’t kill Gabriel until they add more black people to the show (I’m not racist, read the episode threads!). I mean, holy shit what if they killed Michonne off and left Gabriel alive? That would piss off a LOT of people.

You know what, kill Michone and watch society burn.