Movie about the German cannibal being made!!

Here’s the story from Yahoo: link.

I don’t remember which Doper it is who knew the “victim,” but I was sure you all would appreciate the news.

Hang the Bastard, Hang him High!
Hoist his body to the sky!
When his body stops jerking we’ll know,
that the cannibel won’t be killing anymore!

Oh, wait, wrong cannibal.

It was Revtim

I think that’s one movie I don’t want to see.

I suspect that fewer people than normal will order hot dogs who go to the movie.

I hope it’s a comedy. Well, a dark comedy. A serious version of events would just be too depressing.

The whole idea leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The novelization should be titled “To Serve Man”.

I’m having trouble seeing how thin you’d have to stretch the story to make it go 90 minutes. I could sooner see a movie made on Bob Crane’s hotel stabbing.

Too late–somebody ALREADY WROTE ONE!

Too bad they’ve changed the names of the participants – or it could’ve been called “My Dinner With Armin”.

They could also have called it “Dinner for One”. :eek: That would’ve gone over really well with the German market, eh?

Soylent Green is people!

Or, “A Remembrance of Bernd-B.-Repast”. :smiley:

I remember reports some time ago that Meiwes’ main reason for suing against the movie is that he sold the movie rights to someone else (whose product’s release hasn’t yet been announced). There’s also a nonfiction book which I hope isn’t on the cookbook shelves in bookstores) .

(I alro read on the German Wikipedia that Meiwes works in the prison library, not the kitchen, which must have been a bit of a relief to his fellow inmates.)

Or a Musical Dark Comedy.

Call it “Cannibal the Musical 2: Electric Bugaloo”

Imagine if it was directed by Uwe Boll, starring David Hasselhoff (who also sings the soundtrack) as Armin Meiwes (main character) and Gilbert Gottfried as Simon Grombek (main course).

Was this posted in this forum because it is a movie, or because you are looking for recipes?

Strictly due to the movie angle.

Eew. Just … eew.

What? You don’t like German food?

Well, if you’ve got any recipes, please join us over here. We need some.

I’d like a French fried. With a Swiss on rye.