Movie Theater likelihood to sell out

We’re going to see The Lego Movie tonight. It’s been out for a week. I’d really rather not pay the $3.75 “convenience fee” for buying tickets beforehand. It’s not likely at all, is it, that the movie would sell out, right?

Esp if I get there like half an hour early?

Would your night be ruined if you didn’t get to see the movie? If so, then pay the fee.

I’d be nervous because lots of kids have tomorrow off - meaning their parents might let them go to a movie and stay up a little later. If you were going to a 9 o’clock, no big deal - but a 7 o’clock? Probably going to be packed.

Some movie theaters have assigned seating. If you’re going to one of them, buying online is the only way to ensure a good seat, especially if you want seats together, unless you don’t mind being in the front row.

I forgot tomorrow is a holiday… good point.

My experience watching Lego last night - we showed up at 7:20 for a 7:35 showing, and it was sold out. So we bought tickets for the 8:20 showing. Only downside is that the 8:20 was a 3D showing, something none of us really cared enough about to want to pay extra for. Still enjoyed it. :slight_smile: