Movie titles made funnier by reversing/negating/switching one or more of their parts

Demolition Lady

A Streetcar Named Disdain

Apocalypse Then

Bulletproof Nun

The Tame Bunch

(As far as the definition of ‘reversing/negating/switching’ is concerned, play as loose as your conscience will allow you, but aim for some kind of opposite-ness. Reverse more than one word, if you like)

The Z Team
Gilligan’s Peninsula
The Brady Kid (there’s only one)

A Clockwork Lemon
Silence of the Hamsters
Star Peace
Raiders of the Not-so-lost Ark

*Conformist Without a Cause (Rebel Without a Cause)

Looking For Miss Badsphere (Looking For Mr Goodbar)*

It’s a Wonderful Death (It’s a Wonderful Life)

Leadfinger (Goldfinger)

Edward StaplerFeet

Losing Nemo

Howl’s Stationary Castle

Didn’t we have a game of this awhile back? Instead it was mutating them into porn titles.

Ice Station Horse (Ice Station Zebra)

Rebel With a Cause (Rebel Without a Cause)

The Tame Bunch (The Wild Bunch)

Star Stay (Star Trek)

Lassie Get Lost (Lassie Come Home)

Bigville (Smallville)

The Movie of Eli (The Book of Eli)

The Peace Wagon (The War Wagon)

Rebel With An Effect

Withstood the Wind

Resident Alien Kane

The Antarctica Queen

Artificial Grit


Lawrence of Alaska

Charlie and the Celery Factory
Pulp-free Fiction
The Shawshank Bluedemption
The Light Knight
Raiders of the Lost Tangent
American History C
The Godmother
The Bad, the Good, and the Goooood-Lookin’
Lumberjack Gump (because it’s the opposite of a forest)
Se⅐en (supposed to be the html unicode for 1/7)
Dr. Normalhate
Discarding Ryan’s Privates
Eternal Grunge of the Dirty Mind
Reservoir Cats
Ditty for a Nightmare
Mystery Religious Theatre 3000
Cryin’ in the Snow
Mitzvah City

I think you mean ScarAss.

12 Reptiles
The Men Who Wink At Goats
A View To a Resurrection
Live and Murder
To Wong Foo Fuck You For Everything, Julie Newmar

Dr Yes
You Never Live Twice
Diamonds Are Ephemeral
Die And Let Live

The Credible Hulk

Captain USSR

Sub-par Man

The Mundane Four

Tomorrow Often Dies

Reminds me of the poop game. Take movie and replace word/syllable with the word poop.

Stop or my Mom Will Poop

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Poop

Jesus Christ, Average Guy

Looking for Snickers.

The Light Knight
Star Wars Epidode V: The Empire Strikes (better stormtrooping hours, no more force-stranglings)
Forrest Chump (wouldn’t change the film a bit)
Apocalpyse Whenever
American Beauty X (mashup)
Lawrence of Acton
Single Indemnity
A Digital Orange
The Livers of Others
Requiem for a Bream (fishing adventure on drugs)
Beautiful is Life (Yoda in a concentration camp)
Monty Grail and the Holy Python
No Men for Old Country
Grit True (a heroic team of council workers keep the roads ice-free in winter)
The Hunter of the Night (may actually already be a film)
Let The One Right In
Baby Rosemary