Movie/TV franchises you would like to see revisited, and others you don't

Ghostbusters’: Psyched! I just saw the prototype action figures. I hope I like it.

So I’m wondering what people would like to see return?

I heard of a possible ‘Gremlins 3’: Leave it alone! The second movie was a spoof of the first.

Goonies 2’: Could be cool. They’ve been talking about a sequel forever now, though, I doubt it will ever happen.

’The X-Files’: I want to believe…

I would love a reunion movie of Magnum PI, not that proposed (likely horrible) remake with Matthew McConaughey). Like the old days, when they did “where are they now” films like Still The Beaver, and Wild Wild West Revisited, using the original cast.

They could probably write a good story that involves everyone and isn’t stupid. I’d love to know what became of the characters. Lily must be in her thirties by now. Maybe she’s taken after her father and is in the Navy. Is Higgins still alive? (John Hillerman is, but he’s way younger than Higgins).

I can think of a few TV shows and maybe some movie franchises that I really wanted to continue when they bit the dust.

But I’m not so sure there’s anything that has been dead for a while that I want to see brought back. When has that ever resulted in something good? (Cue reviews of the soon to be exhumed X-Files.)

Well, I guess the new Star Wars qualifies.

I’m overjoyed that David Lynch is revisiting Twin Peaks. From what I’ve heard, he’s already filming new shows.

I’d love to see more Pushing Daisies and I’ll bet an update of Night Court would find an audience.

Movie - The Dark is Rising - Done correctly, though. The abomination I saw does not qualify.

TV - The Dresden Files - again, using the f-ing source material!

I freaking hate hollywood sometimes.

ETA - Things I never want to see again. Transformers, GI Joe, the Matrix and Terminator.

There’s maybe a 10-year window to do that before you look at the show’s stars and satart saying, “Eww, they’re old!”

Looking over the list of shows that ended 10 years ago, that does leave a few likely candidates, though:

Stargate SG-1
Andy Barker, P.I.
Gilmore Girls
Veronica Mars
7th Heaven

A lot of the rest were reality shows, and of the ones left, do we really need a reunion of Reba, King of Queens or Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?

The various “Nelson Royal Navy” dramas of Master and Commander and Horatio Hornblower.

You’re totally whooshing me, right? Of the shows on this list, one lasted 6 episodes. One has already happened. And another was pulled from syndication amid a scandal-twice.

Battle of the Planets was a hit-or-miss American adaptation of my favorite anime, Gatchaman. Gatchaman’s original run was 105 episodes, that was butchered to shit, to make 85 episodes of BOTP. In 2002-03, Top Cow released a comic miniseries of BOTP that somehow simultaneously managed to be truer to the original source material, while also being true to the canon that was created by the American adaptation… I would give all the monies for an animated series based on that comic.

My wish has already been answered, they’re working on the 5th season of Arrested Development.

And obviously Firefly… :frowning:

“One Day at a Time”, the 70-80s Norman Lear sitcom about a single mom, her daughters and a slutty building super is being re-made for Netflix. ???

I agree on Goonies 2. Yessssss!

There’s a new Pee Wee movie coming out that is exciting!

It’d be interesting to see what the youngsters from Boogie Nights are doing these days :slight_smile:

Firefly is the obvious choice; I can’t believe it took so long for someone to bring it up.

A non-hokey (no modern ‘PC’ cringe-worthiness) new version of the brilliant 12 Angry Men would be interesting; you could have even more of a back story on all of the characters and still not a car chase or CGI dinosaur in sight. I think a modern take on the original could be made as attitudes have changed so much.

I liked American Gothic. A revisit with the original cast could be feasible. Gary Cole can still act. Caleb (Lucas Black) could return to Trinity as an adult - providing he gets time off from NCIS: New Orleans.

Not that I am actually suggesting a crossover although who would win in a fight between Sheriff Lucas Buck and Jethro Gibbs?


I’d like a remake of Cemetery Man with better effects and less Italian sex farce.

Cheers might be fun. They could bring Diane back, that might be interesting.

Firefly of course, man I’d love that.

Of existing franchises that I’d like to see more of:

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (I Understand Joel is trying to get this kickstarted

Connections by James Burke. The TLC incarnations weren’r as good as the PBS original, but they werre still worth it. And he’s written books like American Connections he could use as basis for another series.

Firefly, as noted

Asterix – the old cartoon versions were of mediocre quality, and I wasn’t thrilled by the live-action versions, but a couple of years ago they did a new cartoon version of Asterix and the Normans under the title Asterix and the Vikings that was beautifully done. AFAIK it didn’t get released in the states, even on video. They’ve done at least one other since, Asterix and the Gods, which I haven’t seen.

I could do without

The Prisoner – I loved the Patrick McGoohan 1960s series. The remake several years ago was terrible. I don’t think anyone else can do it justice.

Dragnet – Without Jack Webb? unthinkable.

There’s a whole other list of films I wish they’d remake, only the right way this time., but I think that’s outside the scope suggested by the OP.

The campaign was successful. There are going to be fourteen new episodes shot this year. There will be a new cast: Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt, Hampton Yount, and Baron Vaughn

I would like to see some closure on the television series Coronet Blue.

I would also like to see a prequel to True Romance, focusing on Gary Oldman as Drexl.

I’ve always suspected that Firefly’s acclaim comes not from the few episodes that aired, but from the episodes fans imagined would have aired had the show continued. The show felt like it was building up to something absolutely amazing, and because it was cancelled we were never able to be disappointed.

The series has continued in comic form, though. I haven’t read it.