In the movie “Stripes”, there is a scene with Bill Murray and his girlfiend in the kitchen. The question is, WHAT UTENSIL does Bill Murray use to tease her?

IIRC, there are three. They are a rolling pin, a spatula, and an ice cream scoop, I believe.

Did I win?

To KneadToKnow:
Thanks for the info, but I don’t know if you “won”. No one else has answered so far. My husband and I have a small bet on this. No one has yet been able to confirm for sure. We may just have to rent the movie…

I definately remember one of them was an ice cream scooper. Not sure if others were used or not.

It was a spatula. She was sitting on the stove or counter and Bill was kind of sticking it under her butt, as if he was going to flip her over like a pancake.

We’ll know for sure shortly. It hasn’t been worth it to me to go dig my copy of this out of the video vault, but Comedy Central is running it right now.

For modesty’s sake, I’ll only post a follow-up if my earlier answer proves incorrect.