moving in with your ex

OK, so my house burned, and most of you know that already. I lived in a fraternity hosue with nine guys<yes I was the only girl> across the street from school. One of them was my ex-boyfriend from a little while ago.

Since we broke up things have gone up and down with us…sometimes I still want him, sometimes the other way around…and now we have to find new places to live.

So, here is the question…we ended up being involtarily paired off to get our own apt if a new house can’t be found. Should I do it?

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Only if you want to end up having sex with him again. I’ve done the same, and no matter how many times you tell yourself it’s over, it isn’t.

Argh, hrmph and phooey times two.
I don’t have many options here…

Awww just go and enjoy it. At least it’ll give you some stories and/or life lessons. At 26 you might be presented the same situation. t that point you would be able to definetively say “I will not move in with my ex, I’m still scarred from last time”

Thank you O Wise One. I’ll keep you updated.
I am sorry to say I cannot attend your party. It is bedtime for those who get up too damn early for work. good night.

I would say no, don’t do it. You would end up either hating each other or feeling so guilty for bringing anybody else home that it would drive you crazy. Other than convenience I can’t see any good coming from it.

Now I am getting confused…I am gonna sleep and see what everyone else says in the morning at work.

How about this. How do you feel about him as a person. Do you like him? If you two still get along, it will probably work out. If you don’t, it probably won’t

A word to Wacky Ninja. WHAT ARE YOU, NUTS!!!

I guess that’d be a big NO.

Thank you.

go find a new guy, exes are boring. if you already broke up with him, you know that going back up that path is a dead end, and moving in with him is the first step on that path (damn was that cheesey, ill shut up now)
just a gorilla’s opinion

He is a really good friend of mine, too. Although lately it hasn’t been so great because of the house burning down, being that it was his fraternity house.

And yes, some do tell me I am nuts.

Depending on what we find out this week about the fire and whether or not we are getting a new house, I might just go ahead and move in with him. If it doesn’t work out, I will take all the I-Told-You-So’s you feel like giving me.


Not only as an older brother, but YOUR older brother, and someone who’s been through this, i say, NO!
Very bad idea, trust me on this one kiddo.
You’ll regret it, and just remember that you’re living there. Do you really want to put up with all the bad stuff your gonna deal with for however long your living there? Don’t do it. Pair off with someone else if possible, or even triple up with two people if you can, but the ex needs to get his own place. You don’t put spoiled milk back in the fridge.

Sorry, brother, but I don’t have any choice. I have been notified that the pairs are done…I might get a four bedroom house with two guys, my ex and me, but otherwise, it is still paired off that way. I can’t afford to live by myself.

Then why bother asking?
I’m sure you can still make an appeal to the boys to switch around, who decided what the pairs would be? What right do they have to do that? And why can’t you find someone other than the boys from the frat to live with?

I asked when I thought I had more of a choice. And there is no one else to room with…everyone else has gotten their apt’s and dorm rooms done already, so the boys are all I have left. and the pairing was decided by process of elimination.

If this is just gonna turn into an argument, I say just stop replying. You have my phone number if you want to argue further.

Heh. This is why SisterRiddles isn’t aware of these boards. That, and if she was, I’m sure she’d be pissed about the Pit thread about her.

Ninja, that sucks donkey-balls. It is campus housing or private? If it’s campus, any chance you can get apply for a housing change as soon as they are available? That way you can at least know that you will only be uncomfortable for a limited amount of time. I find that as long as I KNOW a bad situation has an eventual end, I can deal with it.

Blech. Good luck!

I’ll lend you my tent. hehe.

It’s off campus housing, but thanks Swiddles.
A tent would probably be bigger than the dorm rooms.
No, really.

Whew… That made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Not the actual event, mind you. Just the way it was phrased.

Two questions: How did you end up living with nine freaking guys? And, how did the house burn down?