Mr. Mxyzptlk vs. Q

Mr. Mxyzptlk vs. Q. Which of these two mischief-loving powerful beings would win in a battle against each other?

I’d bet my money on Q because his name spelled backwards is still Q.

Um, wouldn’t that make it a lot easier to trick Q into saying his name backwards?

Batman, if he’s prepared.
Aw, come on! You know someone was gonna say it.

Ah, but Q isn’t required to do anything in particular if he says his name backwards.

Let’s face it, Mr. M has been getting trounced for ages by a guy Q could wipe out easily if he so wished. The only chance the 5th-dimensional twit has of surviving is if Q finds his antics amusing enough to keep him around.

The only thing capable of defeating Q is the Q Continuum. This has been proven over and over again.

I’m afraid Mr. M is hosed.

People even nerdier than us have debated this.

I will add that Mxyzptlk in addition to his awesome powers, is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, and thus could make even Satan cringe. Q has not a chance.

But Mxypltk can turn him into a pie!

ooh, the Gilbert factor. Good one.


A battle between two near-omnipotent beings with transdimensional powers so universal, they are indistinguishable from magic.

Even to THEM.

A battle between two beings with powers to shake the pillars of heaven…

…and both of which are still capable of being routinely outsmarted by mere three-dimensional carbon-based mortals.

I’d bet on Batman, frankly.

Q’s home, when we have seen it. Is boring.

Mxy’s fifth dimension, when we have seen it, looks like something Tex Avery drew up while in the depths of an ether/mescaline binge.

Advantage: McGurk.

I’m of the theory they’re both imaginary critters dreamed up by Mr. Bun. :wink:

rjung. Either I need to get out more or THAT is the most oblique “Calvin and Hobbes” reference I’ve ever seen.

::clicks on the Mxy link, shudders::

If he’s so powerful, why does he appear as a complete twit? Sorry, I’m putting my latinum on Q. (Plus, I’m a Trekkie! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Already happened on DS9

Batmite, if he’s prepared.

Nuts. I wish I had said that.

There is no situation that cannot be improved with a “Calvin and Hobbes” reference. :smiley:

I apologize for my ignorance, but what does saying the name backwards mean?

I’m glad I’m not the only one who was confused by this. I immediately thought of C&H, but said to myself, “That makes no sense in this thread.”

Mr. Mxyzptlk came to our dimension and started messing around with Superman. The only way Superman could get rid of him was to trick Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards. Upon doing so, Mxyzptlk would be banished to his own dimension for 6 more months, until he could come back and try again.

And so on, and so on, and so on. Until Mxyzptlk realized that his wife is HOT. Then he stayed home.